Zentsuji POW Camp
Hiroshima Branch #1; formerly Osaka POW Command

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Zentsuji POW Camp (Hir-01B-Zentsuji)
Zentsuji Machi (town) Nakatado-gun (Military District)
Kagawa Ken (Prefecture)
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Time Line:
15 January 1942:
Established as Osaka POW Command, Section I
15 January 1943: 150 additional officers arrive; mixed nationalities
3 Sep 1943: 2nd group of Officers [Listof 25] arrive from Tanagawa.
?? Jan 1945:
British officers were moved to Mitsushima POW Camp -some to Miyata and Hakodate as well, date not confirmed. Unknown [for now] destination for Dutch officers.
13 April 1945: Control transferred to Hiroshima POW Camp, Renamed Hiroshima Branch #1.
23 June 1945: American officers moved to Rokuroshi
25 June 1945:
Australian officers departed
Rescue effected on 5 Sept 1945

Deatiled Timeline of known events:
Guam Timeline

Photographs, Maps, and Sketches
Aerial Photograph and Camp layout

Location Map
Photographs & Sketches
Includes picture taken by Japanese guard

Japanese Camp Staff:
Camp Commander: Hosatani -Convicted and sentenced to 20 years
Camp Doctor: Saito- Convicted and Hanged
Asabuki - Camp Interpreter "Mr. Cambridge"
Mariyania- Camp interpreter
Additonal Research by Netherlands researcher, John Slootmaekers regarding Intl Red Cross Committee records.
Report of 20 April 1944 states 690 POW's at date, mostly officers ; Col. K. Sugiyama was Camp Commandant on 4 August 1944

Camp Regulations and Layout (PDF) - courtesy of Janet Sykes
Primary Slave Labor Use:
Stevedores at Sakaide Rail Yards and the Port of Takamatsu (Nippon Express Co.)
Note: The camp was a "Show Camp" for propaganda purposes. Contained mostly Officers plus enlisted ranks from Guam & Wake Island.

Rescue Roster:
Final rescue roster of remaining 109 POW. 103 Americans, one British and five New Zealanders.

Interim Camp Rosters:
These are the English, American, Dutch, Australian/ New Zealand/ Fiji interim rosters listing all men who were, at one time or another, held in this camp.
Rosters of Wake men transferred to Zentsuji and the five men murdered at Yokohama

Interviews: 15 Dec 2001
PFC.Carroll D. "Barney" Barnett, USMC, Sumay Marine Detachment- Zentsuji POW Camp. Excellent description of the invasion of Guam. "Barney" passed away, December 2001.
Hoyt B. Williams Jnr., Lt. (jg), USN, 3rd Engineer on "Stanvac Calcutter", sunk off the Brazilian coast on June 6, 1942 by the German raider STIER.[Merchant Marines]

Capt Michael Ushakoff- describe conditions at camp
Capt Stuart Gordon Nottage (AIF) testimony for War Crimes Commission

Story of Navy Nurse Marion Olds, Guam - Zentsuji - Kobe - Gripsholm

Coast Watchers: List and details of capture of the New Zealand coast watchers at Zentsuji before the Americans arrived from Guam

Books Describing Life at Zentsuji:
Roger Mansell - Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guam - contains much info on Zentsuji (Roger originally titled his book, The Zentsujians: The story of the American POWs captured by the Japanese on Guam in WWII. See this review by Kinue Tokudome.)
Joe "Fingers" Brown- "We Stole to Live" - the single best POW book on this camp. Contains pictures of over 90% of the men. [Best Book]
Ed Hale's Book "First Captured, Last Freed"- Hale was a crewman aboard the USS Penguin and enslaved at Hirohata POW Camp.
Don Binns - "A Survivors Story: An American POW in Japan during WW II" - E-book written by Navy man stationed at Piti Navy Yard
"Notify Alec Rattray" by Meg Parkes from the diary of her father, Atholl Duncan, British officer sent to Zentsuji & Rokuroshi. Excellent compilation of information and explanation of diary entries. Sequel: "A.A. Duncan is OK" is also available