Osaka Area POW Command #4

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NARA Notes: RG 389 Box 2129
6 of 8 barracks used- 50' x 15'
44 yanks, 379 Brit, 1 Dutch, 8 Aussie, 1 Chinese, Canadians
US- 40 Army, 2 Navy, 2 Marines
Osaka 4-B Col Murata was camp CO!!
Camp located in valley in mountains, not far from mines near city of Ikuno
Col Flineau camp POW leader- 17 Officers and 27 EM
Tile roof barracks, wood & plaster, straddle latrines
Overall compound 150 x 75 yards
Officer name noted: Charles Littleton Slane, Lt Cmdr, 115917, Puente CA
Officers worked garden EM in mines