Cabanatuan POW Camp

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Cabanatuan POW Camp

Adjutant General Report:
Results of investigation (post war) with detailed report of camp staff and food supplies.


Bataan Missing- dedicated to the thousands of American servicemen who were imprisoned and died of starvation, disease and mistreatment on the Bataan Death March and in Japanese prison camps in the Philippines.

POW Camp Burial Rosters - includes the unknowns

Archival Research memo describing the POW recovery process

Typical Cabanatuan Death Roster - 19 Nov 1942

Typical Army Identification Board Proceedings

Identification of Unknowns at Cabanatuan POW Camp and Gapan Municipal Cemetery (PDF) - a July 31, 1948 document typical of identifying the dead in the Philippines
Mutiple details for specialized labor sent to Batann, Batangas, Las Pinas, Camp Murphy, Davao, etc. A large group was regularly used to farm rice and vegetables

Rescue Roster (The Ghost Soldiers); 21 Filipino soldiers and 2 Americans died in the rescue. A POW died shortly after rescue.
Cabanatuan Burial Roster (external link) - On-going research by John Eakin
Completed Bilibid Roster - huge database with data on other PI camps. Over 12,500 American military names, 282 British Military, 54 Dutch Military and 309 civilians. Names of over 13,100 POW's who were processed through Bilibid.

Dr Jack L Schwartz- head of surgical service, Hospital #2 on Bataan. Excellent coverage of his story to final rescue at Mukden. He survived the Oryoku Maru saga.

Japanese Staff:
Trial Review of Yoshio Tsuneyoshi (PDF), first camp commander at Cabanatuan (to May 1942)
Trial Review of Shigeji Mori (PDF), camp commander at Cabanatuan (from May 1942)
NOTE: Many names of POW's listed in these reviews.