Known Deceased at Davao
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Known to have perished at Davao POW Camp

Source: Toyama File: Lt Col Stubbs Report to Churchill, AGD
Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Unit, Date of Death, Notes
Edmiston, Harold G.,Sgt,768173,USAAC,17th Purs Sqn,42.12.26,IL
Fossum, Oriville J.,Capt,O&303290,USA (INF),82nd Inf,43.1.12,ND
Fox, Robert L.,Pvt,15017603,USA (SC),AW Sig PD,42.12.4,OH
Gibbons, Clayton C.,Pvt,19020349,USAAC,5th ABG Hq,43.1.5,SD American Indian
Howden, Frederick B. "Ted",Capt,O&311078,Chaplain,200th,42.12.11,NM
Kozer, Edward A.,Sgt,6993836,USAAC,19th BG (H),43.01.19,PA
Mc Cann, Harold J.,PFC,6582009,USA (CAC),Phil Dept Hq,43.1.1.,WA
Mc Colley, Arthur C,Sgt, 6547904, MD, 43.01.19
McPhee, John H.,Sgt,7031954,General Hospital #1, (MD),Murdered in cold blood by guard claiming he was escaping, 43.03.30, IL
Prewitt, Vance Carlyle,Lt,71972,USN,NAS Olongapo,43.01.05
Rice, Lenard B., Pfc,229926,Mar,4th 3 Bn Hq,43.01.01
Rice, C.J. ?,PFC,DEML,[Stubbs did not show first name- probably Lenard Rice- above ]
Skiles, Leonard W.,1st Lt,O&419678,USA (CAC),200th Hq,42.12.8,NM
Sullivan, Joseph A.,Lt Col,O&011092,QMC,42.11.12
Taylor, Jeptha P.,Pvt,38055538,USA (CAC),515th 2 Bn Hq,42.12.14,NM
Vautrinot, Donald,Cpl,11020395,USA (SC),409th Sigs,42.12.23,MA
Whitman, Frederick V.,Capt,O&318369,USA (DC),Med Corps,42.12.19,MO