Sendai 1-B POW Camp

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Location and history:
Sendai #1-B (Joban Tanko), Fukushima-ken, Iwaki-gun, Yumoto-machi
Satellite view
Area Map (Northeast section of map)

15 Apr 1943
Established as Tokyo #6-B
18 Apr 1943:
145 Dutch arrive
1 Aug 1943 Renamed Tokyo #4-D
12/13 Aug 1944:
252 British and one American arrive
14 Apr 1945 Jurisdictional control transferred from Tokyo Camp #4-D to Sendai POW Area Command. Established as Sendai #1-B.
13 May 1945: 198 Canadians (ex Tok #3 Tsurumi) and two Americans arrive.
4 Sep 1945: per Capt. Bartlett, B-29 crashes while dropping food to the camp; total loss of 14. [location not verified- see MACR report]
9 Sep 1945: Rescue effected

SCAP Report:

Report on camp by
2nd Lt Kocher


sendai #1-332608

Sendai #1 2nd aerial
Another view

Sendai #1 - 1947
High altitude 1947

More pictures of Sendai
Prisoners enslaved for the Joban Coal (Tanko) Company. Canadians came from Tok-03D Tsurumi. The camp burned 9 Apr 1945 and the men finally departed for Joban Coal on 12 May (Don Penny (RCCS) and Capt Reid diaries per Burke Penny).

Hell Ships:
Group of 252 (British) arrived August 1944 on the Hakushika Maru from Singapore via Manila, Taiwan and Moji. Included British Driver Leonard Chris Matthews. [We have diary of Matthews- ask]

Death Roster prepared by POW Network of Japan. First British name is Fallowfield, Alfred Edward, 4th Bn, Royal Norfolks.

Liberation roster with NOK (PDF; RG 389 Box 2071) - Canadian, US, Dutch, British
Additional data located in RG 407 Box 11 and Box 12.

Other rosters:
Canadians [fully cross checked]- arrived late spring or summer 1945

Rosters for all Sendai camps:
Sendai camps (RG 407 Box 111)
Camps 1 to 11
Canadian officers, other ranks, sub-officers, NCOs, privates and civilians;
British officers, other ranks, civilians, soldiers, air force, warrant officers II, staff sergeants, sergeants, corporals, lance corporals and privates;
American officers, other ranks, civilians and soldiers;
Dutch officers, other ranks, NCOs, soldaten, matrozen, civilians, sergeants and privates;
Portuguese other ranks; Ireland; Norwegian other ranks; Czechoslovakia; Rumania; Poland; Belgium; Denmark; France;
Australian NCOs, soldiers, other ranks, civilians, air force, officers, warrant officers II, sergeants and privates;
New Zealand civilians
Sendai camps 1-B to 11-B (RG 407 Box 111)
Canadian officers and other ranks; American officers, other ranks and civilians; Dutch officers, other ranks and civilians; British officers, other ranks and civilians; Portugal; Norway; Czechoslovakia; Rumania; Belgium; Denmark; France; and Australian officers and other ranks

Recovery team report- page 8- listing of camp deaths. List needs to be digitized and cross-checked. Report prepared by 2nd Lt John W. Kocher, Recovery Team #64, Commanding.

Japanese Staff:

Included in
2nd Lt Kocher Report, Recovery Team #64.