Ashio POW Camp
Tokyo #9 Branch camp

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Tokyo 9-B "Ashio"


10 Nov 1943:
First known as Tokyo 8-D
More men arrive from Hitachi (Tok-08B-Hitachi)
Aug 1945: Renamed Tokyo 9-B
Sep 1945:
Rescue effected

External site- Numerous quality pics.
External site with pictures of mine entrance and interior.
External site- Allied POWS at time of rescue, gathered at entrance.
Labor: Copper mine

Partial roster based upon diaries.

Affidavit of Sgt. John K. Johnson, Harbor Defense, Corregidor. Relates experience of Cabanatuam, Bilibid, hell ship, Hitachi and Ashio.
Clarence Clough- Family history includes his capture at Corregidor, slavery at Palawan and Ashio.
Submarine SS-44- Summary of two survivors taken as POW.
USS Perch- Survivors at Ashio.
USS Sculpin: Story of capture and list of crew KIA.
Edward L Hartley- Excellent web page regarding this camp.

Cpl. Estil J. Cohorn, 60th CAC
(courtesy of Cohorn's grandson, Derek Gould)

"My grandfather is on the left, with his step-brother, Roy Morris. The picture was taken in California before they were sent to PI... then trained, served, and were captured together. Both were 60th CAC. They were only pulled apart when Estil was sent to Japan as Roy was deemed to sick to make the journey. Roy was liberated by the Rangers."

Cohorn_interrogation (DOCX file)

Note: Cohorn's name appears on rosters for Tokyo #1 and Tokyo #8.