Inside Zentsuji Barracks

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Kiwi Corner- Zentsuji"KIWI Corner"
The space occupied by the New Zealand POWs and Coast Watchers in Zentsuji: Source: Pat Mayer, Daughter of Syd Wallace, NZ Coastwatcher; Descriptions: Kevin Menzies, son of Snowey Menzies.

1. Dark figure- (extreme left standing) is Syd Wallace (NZ)
2. Behind and next to window is Charles Fulford-Williams (UK)
3. Behind him in corner- Max MacQuinn (NZ)
4. Middle- Dewey Danielson (US)
5. In back (right side) with black hair- Larry Muller (NZ)
6. Front- John Jones (NZ)

Bed on right (leg barely visable) is "Snowey" Menzies

This area was also occupied by Joe "Fingers" Brown, Barney Barnett, and Tom Honan among others. Picture was taken in very poor light, poorly focused, and is badly faded.