Fukuoka #3-B
Roster of American POWS & Civilians

Includes Deceased

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Fukuoka #3-B Copy of "Rescue" name roster compliments of Wes Injerd, Ranks and details added by Roger Mansell, Links courtesy of Proviso School Bataan Project and ADBC.
N.B. Typed list incl full address; Rescue team headed by Major Winnifred O. Dorris who was previously rescued in the Philippines, Feb 1945. More names added from photographs taken at camp, especially men of the submarine, USS Grenadier (SS-210). Many men were sent from this camp to other camps and are NOT on this rescue roster.
"Bio" - external link to a web page for this man

Name, Rank, Service No, Service, Unit, Place Captured, Date of Death, Cause
Ables, Hugh F.,Pvt,6290021,USAAC,,P.I.,27 Nov 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Adams, Andrew F,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Adams, William L..,PFC,269733,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Adkins, Ralph Langley,EM1c,2872777,USN
Ahlrich, Wayne,Civ,na,na
Albright, William A.,Pvt,12010739,USA (CAC)
Alcorn, Richard A.,Civ,na,na
Aldorete, Felicino R.,PFC,38012247,USA (CAC)
Allen, Floyd T,Pvt,6296522,USA (MD)
Allen, Walter C.,PFC,272054,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Alvis, Delos L.,Pvt,18015223,USA (60th CAC A Btry)
Anderson, Allison L.,PFC,273921,USMC,NCM B Co,Peking
Anderson, Eric Waldeman,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,28 Mar 1945,Acute Pneumonia
Anderson, Harold R.,Pvt,11011478,USA (QMC)
Anderson, Thomas Jefferson,Corp,unk,unk
Anderson, Walter Russell,Sgt,20813003,USA (FA)
Andrews, Terry E.,SSgt,6920890,USAAC,,,15 Apr 1945,Head Fracture, both legs cut off
Aquila, Andrew Joseph (bio),PFC,35021075,USA,192nd Tank B Co,Bataan
Armato, Richard (bio),SSgt,20600385,USA,192nd Tank B Co,Bataan
Armstrong, Charles B.,1st Lt,O-418536,USA (MC)
Armstrong, Wade H., PFC, 279915, USMC, NCM B Co, Peking
Ashby, James Clifton,Sgt,6925136,USAAC
Atkins, Charles Frank,Civ,na,na (Picture)
Bailey, Charles A.,Pvt,15017157,USA (CAC)
Bainter, Raymond E.,Civ,na,na
Baker, John L.,Pvt,18049806,USA (CAC)
Balera, Louis F.,Pvt
Banks, Richard L.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Barbour, Samuel L. Jr.,Major,O-021218,USA (FA),,Bataan,13 Apr 1945,Acute Enteritis & Croup Pneumonia
Barnard, Rufus M. Jr.,Pvt,18050397,USA (CAC)
Barnes, Earl Harry,Corp,269815,USMC, 1st Def Bn Wake
Barnes, Miller R.,PFC,18029958,USAAC
Bayok, Joseph Andrew,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Bell, Jack H.,SSgt,6253607,USA (INF)
Benjamin, Armand E.,PFC,278195,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Bensing, Elmer John Jr. (bio),Corp,35100622,USA (INF),192nd Tank D Co,Bataan
Berg, Norman James,Sgt,264339,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Bernstein, Joseph J.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Berry, Frederick Langwith,Capt,O-353117,USA (FA),86th FA
Betts, Jacob L.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Bevier, Donald F.,Corp,6583635,USA (CAC)
Biggs, Tom Lofton Jr,Pvt,20813004,USA (FA)
Biondo, Louis Philip,PFC,14057673,USA (SC)
Black, Bill R.,Pvt,18003419,USA (MD)
Blair, Joe D.,Pvt,37006395,USA (INF)
Blanchard, Hilton,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Blattman, Robert M.,Corp,38012681,USA (CAC)
Blueher, William Arno,1st Lt,O&425988,USA (DC)
Bobbitt, Arthur L.,Pvt,6275768,USAAC
Boehm, Robert F.,Pvt,20645251,USA (INF),192nd Tank A,Bataan
Bogardus, Francis B.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Bonsall, Charles F.,Corp,6884811,USA (CAC)
Borders, Kelly S.,Pvt,15065380,USA (ORD)
Borin, Harvey M. Jr.,Pvt,19014476,USAAC
Boyles, Joseph M. Jr.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Bracken, Maurice J.,TSgt,6138422,USA (QMC) [additional document, page 2 only]
Brannon, Oliver G.,Pvt,14025373,USA (CAC)
Brashuel, George A.,Corp,19054368,USA (INF)
Braxtor, Theodore John,Pvt,13025077,USAAC
Brecht, Thomas J.,Pvt,17001801,USA (ORD)
Brignack, Theodore,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut,,15 Jan 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Broome, Woodrow W.,Corp,6792836,USA (INF)
Brown, Alpheus W.,Corp,20700220,USA (AMD)
Brown, Delos B.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Brown, Fred C.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Brown, Jack Robert,Pvt,19003009,USA (CWS)
Brown, Victor,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Brunt, Loyal B.,Pvt,20843739,USA (CAC)
Brunvitz, Harry [Brunivitz?],Pvt,33023157,USA (ORD)
Bryant, James Mazie,Pvt,14012356,USA (INF), 192nd Tank C
Buchenau, Laverne A.,S1c,3213531,USN,,P.I.,20 Feb 1945,Croup Pneumonia
Buchner, Edward Woodson,Pvt,19000840,USAAC
Budden, Clarence John,Civ,na,CCPNAB,,Wake,na,na
Burk, Lloyd S.,Pvt,18038595,USA (CAC)
Burrowes, Robert M.,Pvt,17030524,USA (CAC)
Burt, Charlie L.,Pvt,38022853,USA (INF)
Burton, John H. "Jack",Civ,na,CPNAB; wrote book "Traveling Life's Twisting Trails"
Byrd, Cornelius Zane,Lt Col,O-017760,USA (QMC),,P.I.,7 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis
Calder, William H.,Pvt,19016232,USAAC
Calkins, Cullen E.,Pvt,19052625,USA (INF)
Carlin, Henry E. Jr.,Pvt,18049013,USA (CAC)
Carlson, Delbert W.,Civ,na
Carr, Samuel G.,Pvt,19010354,USA (CAC)
Carrol, Willard M.,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Casanova, Antonio O.,Pvt,11020120,USAAC
Cash, William O.,Civ,na
Cerruti, Julius Elmer,CPO,2282991,USN
Chartoff, Maurice,Pvt,11016343,USA (SC)
Chernitski, John J.,Pvt,13030070,USA (SC)
Christensen, Alfred Bennett,Pvt,306925,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Christopher, Emory J.,Corp,6271633,USAAC
Clark, Clarence C.,Pvt,14042517,USA (CAC)
Clark, Ralph F.,Sgt,38012341,USA (CAC)
Clark, Wilmer J.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Cloninger, David B.,Pvt,14042313,USA (INF)
Coats, Thomas J.,Corp,18012190,USA (CAC)
Coffman, Raymond,PFC,18000402,USA (CAC)
Colby, Harold Gould,Pvt,307337,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Colilla, Daniel,MM1c,2133033,USN
Cone, Clarnece J.,Pvt,17017230,USA (CAC)
Connally, Harold M.,Pvt,18036383,USA (CAC)
Conner, James R.,PFC,18048920,USA (CAC)
Connolly, William J.,Civ,na,MM
Connor, Dennis Clifford,PFC,279372,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Cook, Robert S.,Pvt,17027610,USA (MD)
Cookson, John L.,Pvt,6582762,USA (CAC)
Corley, Russell G.,Sgt,6920978,USAAC
Courtney, Thomas Robert,S2c,4014633,USN
Cox, Gordon Charles,S1c,3859651,USN
Cox, Thomas Paul,S2c,2635168,USN,Stanvac Calcutter [carried as MM in camp]
Craft, Vernon Langwell,Pvt,6852677,USAAC
Craig, Robert R.,Pvt,19020527,USA (CAC)
Cramer, Leland Wayne,Capt,O-021370,USA (CAV),,P.I.,2 Mar 1945,Acute Enteritis & malnutrition
Crawford, Thomas O.,Pvt,18042257,USA (CAC)
Creighton, Jefferson A.,Pvt,18038625,USA (CAC),,P.I.
Cullen, Augustus John,Capt,O&023162,USA (CAC),,P.I.,9 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis
Curley, Kenneth D.,Corp,13037171,USA (CAC) [External Link- tribute by son]
Curran, John L.,Capt,O&361219,USA (FA),,P.I.
Cutrer, Hugh Evarts Jr.,TSgt,7000480,USAAC,,Bataan
Dahl, Clayton G.,Sgt,19052224,USA (DML) [External link, page 14]
Davis, Kenneth C.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,9 Oct 1944,Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Davis, Patrick Alexander,PFC,unk
De Briere, Sidney Louis Jr.,1st Lt,O&401143,USAAC,2nd Obs Sqn,Bataan
Dee, George H.,Pvt,17029533,USA (CAC),,P.I.
Deeds, Robert Leon,Corp,295829,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Delmore, Raymond F.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Dendy, Carl T.,PFC,17010433,USA (CAC)
Dilks, Carl William, SSgt, 6978481, AC, Wake Sig Detach
Dodge, Bernard A.,PFC,287004,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Doenges, Edward J.,PFC,32120347,USA (CE),,,24 Apr 1945,Croup Pneumonia
Dollar, Clyndon Francis,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Dority, Mervin Bernard,Pvt,20910327,USAAC
Doyle, Charles,MMM1c,2015589,USN,,P.I.,12 Apr 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Driggars, George L.,Sgt,20842700,USA (CAC),,P.I.,9 Apr 1945,Croup Pneumonia

Duhaime, Arthur Raymond,PO,2235731,USN
Dunbrack, Everett H.M.,Pvt,11020476,USAAC
Dunphy, Dick C.,Pvt,19032296,USAAC
Duran, Henry G.,PFC,19003037,USA (CAC)
Durgin, Stanley B.,PFC,11013660,USAAC
Dzimba, Peter D.,SSgt,6879995,USAAC
Eckley, Berdle M.,Pvt,19019943,USA (CAC)
Eckman, Robert E.,Pvt,6255498,USA (CAC)
Edlund, Robert E.,Pvt,17018047,USA (CAC)
Ellis, William Jesse Jr.,1st Lt,O&890071,USA (QMC),,Bataan,27 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & malnutrition
Ellis, William T.,Corp,6911561,USAAC
Elvestad, Henry A.,SSgt,242331,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Ely, Clyde Earl Jr.,Capt,O&331480,USA (CAC),,,6 Mar 1945,Acute Enteritis
Embry, Jewell Creston,MOMM1C,2872045,USN
Emerick, Billie Edward,PFC,293462,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Emerick, Gerald A.,PFC,19017081,USAAC
Emery, Dan D.,Pvt,20947798,USA (INF)
England, Leo G.,Sgt,19056565,USA (CE)
Erickson, Albert W., Maj, 71st Inf (PA)- not at rescue - transferred earlier in year to Mukden
Eriksson, Rober Vilhelm,MM1c,2234969,USN,USS Pope,Java Sea
Evans, Donald,Pvt,11012159,USAAC,,,12 Jul 1945,Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Evans, Rex Richard,RM3c,3565776,USN (USS Grenadier)
Evans, Robert Eugene,Ck3c,6623304,USN
Fairchild, Lawrence,PFC,6755914,USA (Ord),,,26 Jan 1945,Croup Pneumonia
Falconer, John F.,PFC,20700227,USA (AMD)
Falk, George L.,Pvt,20700227,USA (INF)
Fannin, Robert L.,Corp,19056385,USA (CAC)
Fisher, William V.,PFC,7025312,USA (CAC)
Fissher, Marvin C.,Civ,na,na
Fitzgibbons, Handren K.,PFC,20900707,USA (INF)
Fitzpatrick, Bernard T.,PFC,37026113,USA (AMD)
Fitzpatrick, James Alburn,PFC,290044,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Flanagan, James E.,PFC,19036215,USA (INF)
Flint, Jesse,Sgt,6570005, USA (CAC),59th CA
Folio, Etalo E.,SSgt,6937859, USAAC
Foster, Carl C.,PFC,20843795,USA (CAC)
Fouche, Chandler E.,Corp,256329,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Fourre, Glen Raymond,EM2c,3859925,USN
Fowler, John Malcolm,Capt,O&306967,USA (CAV),26th Cav
Fraser, Harry Stuart,S2c,2072867,USN
Fratangelo, Nicholas Pasquale,PFC,12023090,USA (SC)
Frederick, Jean,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Fulton, Ben Harold,EM2c,3824441,USN (USS Grenadier)
Gabaldon, Frank Armijo,PFC,20842704,USA (CAC)
Gados, Steve G. (bio), PFC,20600442,USA (INF),192nd Tank B Co,Bataan
Gaede, Marion E.,PFC,6584435,USA
Gagnon, Wilfred A.,Pvt,6143317,USA (INF)
Gannon, Harold J.,SSgt,20842678,USA (CAC)
Garman, George S.,PFC,35002386,USA (INF),192nd Tank,Bataan
Garrison, Randolph J.,SC1c, 2658286, USN,USS Grenadier
Gatewood, Martin A.,PFC,280410,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Gauthier, Gerrad W.,Pvt,16020358,USA (INF)
Gay, Burt Charles,2nd Lt,O&408833,USA (CAC),16 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Acute Bronchitis (PICTURE)
George, Paul Theodore,1st Lt, O&343347,UISA (DC),10 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri

Gibson, George E,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Gibson, Paul D.,Pvt,14038306,USA (INF)
Gimse, Edward C.,PFC,19028648,USA (SC)
Ginn, Francis Edward,Corp,17025150,USA (INF)
Goldstein, Julius I.,PFC,12027946,USA (CAC)
Gonzales, Agustin,Pvt,38031154,USA (CAC)
Goodpasture, Dexter D.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,16 Oct 1945, effects of starvation
Goodpasture, John I.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Goodson, Ray,S1c,3113732,USN
Gordon, Jack David,1st Lt,O&381030,USA (MC)
Gordon, Robert F.,Pvt,16025901,USA (CAC)
Gordon, Wil Scott,2nd Lt,O&890455,USA (CAC),,,23 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & malnutrition
Gorsett, Clifford,Pvt,19018463,USA (CAC)
Graff, Arthur H. Jr.,PFC,19002128,USA (CAC)
Graham, Douglas H.,Pvt,19020931,USA (MD)
Grant, Rabbie,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Graves, Winfield,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Gray, Martin L.,Corp,281021,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Grean, Voney,PFC,unk,unk
Greco, Anthony J.,Pvt,32120788,unk
Griffin, Aubrey V.,Pvt,39159120,USA (ORD)
Griffiths, Lloyd,PFC,19013063,USA (CAC)
Gross, John Charles,TSgt,6654924,USAAC
Guico, Justiniano G.,MATT1C,6329243,USN,,,4 Feb 1945,Acute Pneumonia
Gunderson, John Henry,S1c,6221812,USN (USS Grenadier)
Gushwa, Frank,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Guynn, Marrion,PFC,265847,USMC,NCM,Teintsin
Haase, Edward Frederick,WO,unk,unk,,,unk
Hahn, Eugene C.,Pvt,16008656,USA (CAC)
Haigwood, Joe B.,Corp,18015230,USA (CAC)
Halcomb, Ezekiel,Pvt,13034885,USA (INF)
Halloway, Roger G.,Civ,na,na
Hamby, William C.,Pvt,19015756,USA (QMC)
Hammond, James I.,Pvt,13032202,USA (CAC)
Hanna, Homer H.,Sgt,6281797,USAAC
Hansen, Richard Harold,Pvt,6953594,USAAC
Harris, Dick,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Harris, Donald C.,Sgt,20843925,USA (CAC)
Harris, Orville C.,PFC,15065806,USA (CAC)
Haynes, Howard D.,PFC,6289554,USA (CAC)
Heffron, Charles B.,TSgt,12023091,USA (SC)
Hein, Christian William,MM1c,2426774,USN
Hellyer, James R.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Helms, John T.,PFC,18050238,USA (CE)
Henderson, Marion F.,Pvt,14042297,USA (INF)
Herring, Sill,Sgt,7000447,USAAC
Hewes, Keith C.,Corp,19013045,USA (CAC)
Hickey, Francis W.,Cpl,,,,,8 Aug 1945,Fracture of cranium (Murdered)
Hileman, Millard E.,PFC,19039129,USA (ORD)
Hill, William R.,PFC,17014152,USA (INF)
Himelrick, John R.,PFC,264094,USMC,Ist Def Bn,Wake,26 Apr 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Hoffman, Harold A.,Corp,275355,USMC,NCM Hq CO,Peking
Holderman, Don D.,PFC,18016349,USA (MP)
Hopkins, Thomas,Pvt,17030284,USA (CAC)
Howard, Ray L.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,26 Sep 1943,Cardiac Asthma
Howard, William H.,Sgt,241644,USMC,4th Marines,Corregidor
Hoyl, John B.,PFC,20843477,USA (CAC)
Hrupcho, Joseph John (bio),SSgt,20500736,USA (INF),192nd Tank C Co,Bataan
Hudlow, Orin J.,1st Sgt,6535921,USA (INF)
Humes, Donald T.,PFC,19042136,USA (CAC)
Humphreys, Howard,Capt,O&386259,USA (Inf),,,21 Apr 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri
Hutchins, William W.,SSgt,6859397,USAAC
Hutchison, Russell J.,Capt,O&398176,USA (CAC)
Ignaszewski, Louis L.,PFC,37045854,USA (CWS)
Inge, Edress Berk,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Ingram, Joe Garza,FM1c,3604868,USN
Jamerson, Joseph Paul,Sgt,275427,USMC,Air Group 21,Wake
Jannehill, Joseph C.,PFC,unk,unk
Jensen, Owen Ernest,Major,O-4108,USMC,,,21 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Croup Pneumonia
Jerigan, Eugene,PFC,17014475,USA (CAC)
Jerman, Bertram R.,SSgt,6955552,USAAC
Johnson, Albert,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Johnson, Charles Eugene,EM3c,3376238,USN (USS Grenadier)
Johnson, Phillip W.,PFC,280354,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Johnson, Reuben R.,PFC,19019928,USA (CAC)
Jones, Columbus D,,Civ,na,MM
Jones, Elart M.,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Jones, Humphrey,Civ,na,na
Jones, James Kenneth,Pvt,6915766,USAAC
Jones, Joel,Corp,262819,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Jones, John T.,PFC,14043905,USA (CAC)
Jones, Kenneth A.,PFC,6915787,USAAC
Jones, Ralph B.,Sgt,15040673,USA
June, Randolph Marlin,TSgt,228877,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake [Ranking Enlisted Man]
Kaplar, Nick,Pvt,36206144,USA
Karney, Jack Murray,Pvt,38037235,USA (FA)
Katz, William P,Pvt,6649507,USA (QMC),,,26 Jan 1945,Acute Enteritis & Croup Pneumonia
Kaup, Freddie T.,Pvt,6297739,USA (MP)
Keefe, William Harrold,RM2c,2073243,USN,USS Grenadier
Kellogg, Clarence S.,Pvt,19056929,USA (CE)
Kennely, Donald F.,Pvt,19052576,USA (ORD)
Keyes, Wilford A. Jr.,Pvt,19003031,USA (CAC)
Keysor, Riley Huntsman,TM3c,3764323,USN,USS Grenadier
Kiely, Bud J.,SSgt,20843571,USA (CAC)
Kiem, Robert H.,Corp,7022340,USA (CAC)
Killebrew, William E.,Sgt,258471,USMC,NCM,Peking,10 Feb 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Killough, Morris G.,Civilian,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Kincheloe, Lennie D.,Corp,17018606,USA (CAC)
King, Herbert B.,PFC,13017023,USA (CAC)
King, James Orlo,PFC,278907,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Kirk, Harold Stone,SSgt,6570009,unk
Kirk, Terence Sumner,Corp,260583,USMC,NCM,Chinwangtao - Extraordinary book about this camp
Kirkpatrick, Edward L.,Corp,275602,USMC,NCM,Teintsin
Kiser, Hugh M.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Knapp, Glynn Winston,PFC,18052251,USAAC
Kramp, Carl. M.,PFC,20700239,USA
Krolikowski, Stanley J.,Corp,38012282,USA (CAC)
Kunbye, Alfred,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Lady, Dennie G.,Corp,244160,USMC,NCM,Teintsin
Lajewski, John W.,Pvt,16041531,USA
Lallar, John Paul,PFC,unk,unk
Lang, Sidney G.,SSgt,20900726,USA
Langenhahn, Howard I.,Pvt,16021845,USA
Langston, Hershal,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Lecompte, Charles F.,Lieut,77376,USN (MC),,,3 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis
Leahey, Larry Matthew,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,11 Apr 1944,Acute Pneumonia

Lee, Merrell Lavan,PFC,19028828,USAAC
Lehtola, Eric Hans,Civ,na,na
Lemmon, Ralph P.,Civ,na,CPNAB
Leonard, Wayne E.,PFC,6060643,USA (CAC),,,25 Dec 1944,Croup Pneumonia
Lepore, Anthony,Pvt,305387,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
LeRoux, Louis G.,Sgt,20844130,USA (CAC)
Leslie, Raymond Grant,MOMM1C,3210427,USN
Linder, Charles Freeman,MM2c,3417748,USN,,,21 Feb 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Lindsey, George G.,Corp,266252,USMC,NCM A Co,Peking
Loftus, Irving Charles,FM3c,6387723,USN
Lonon, Norman Lewis,SSgt,6793489,USAAC
Lopez, Ellis,PFC,6509922,USA
Loughner, William D.,EM1c,2503488,USN
Loveless, Alvis O,PFC,6293931,USAAC
Lucas, Webster E. Jr.,Pvt,6251174,USA (CAC)
Lugibihl, Myron R. Jr.,Corp,38012170,USA (CAC),,,11 Apr 1944,Meningitis and Sinusitis
Lutz, Eugene J.,PFC,286218,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Lynn, Delbert E.,Pvt,15017518,USA (SC)
MacDonald, Ronald Currie,Lt Col,unk,unk,,,5 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Croup Pneumonia
Mack, Edward C.,Lt Col,O&016213,USA (Inf),,,9 Apr 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri
Mackey, Charles Lewis,Pvt,6658831,USA
Maddock, William C.,1st Sgt,6760817,USAAC
Mahnke, Miles C.,Pvt,18026509,USAAC
Main, William F.,SSgt,19013051,USA (ORD)
Manista, Anton,CCM,2828807,USN
Manley, John W.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Marfuta, Victor M.,PFC,36152302,USA (CWS)
Marion, Edward B.,unk,unk,unk,,,unk
Mark, Marvin A. Jr.,Pvt,19012565,USA (SC)
Marksberry, Marvin,PFC,35119002,USA (AMD), 192nd Tank D
Marsh, John,Civ,na,na
Martin, Clifford L.,Pvt,15061747,USA (CAC)
Martin, Gaylord Nimmo,Pvt,19003215,USA (ORD)
Martin, James R.,Pvt,6667410,USA (ORD)
Martin, Leonard Blackburn,Corp,38031313,USA (CAC)
Martinez, Benjamin E.,Pvt,38012611,USA (CAC)
Martinez, Luciano S.,Pvt,20844194,USA (CAC),,,26 Dec 1944,Acute appendicitis and malnutrition
Matt, Edmond,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Mc Nichols, Joseph L.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
McBride, Woodrow W.,SSgt,6560757,USAAC
McCoy, Charles,S1c,unk,USN
McCoy, Hugh B.,Sgt,6268694,USAAC
McCulley, Charles E.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,22 Jan 1944,Acute Pneumonia
McGowan, Donald Ernest,FM2c,2628996,USN
McGuire, Omar Lee,Pvt,19050767,USAAC
McIntosh, Paul,PFC,6582771,USA (CAC)
McKee, Gerald E.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
McKinney, Ernest Lee,Pvt,39378682,USA (AMD)
McLaughlin, William A.,Pvt,6567684,USA
McNutt, Haskell,Pvt,18063113,USA (QMC),,P.I.,27 Apr 1945,Croup Pneumonia
McVey, Urbin F.,PFC,36204834,USA (CAC)
Mehrens, Harry L.,SSgt,37003928,USA
Mendenhall, Jake H.,Pvt,38012005,USA (CAC)
Menetrey, Paul A.,PFC,19012807,USA (CAC)
Miller, Edward Simpson,Capt,O-367335,USA (MC)
Miller, Joe E.,Civ,na,na
Miller, Richard John,Corp,18050407,USA
Miller, Thomas Edward,PFC,32110299,USA (ORD)
Milton, Richard B.,Pvt,unk,unk
Minton, Joseph Ardell,QM3c,2689108,USN, USS Grenadier
Mitchell, Robert Darrell,Sgt,38011969,USA (CAC)
Mogyorosi, George E.,Pvt,15016436,USA (Ord),,,9 May 1945,Croup Pneumonia
Mont, Arthur H.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter,,23 Mar 1945,Acute Pneumonia
Montgomery, Hampden E.,Lt Col,O&017271,USA (Inf),,P.I.,5 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Croup Pneumonia
Moody, Barnard N.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Morgan, Otto C.,PFC,19017099,USA (CAC)
Morris, Embry T.,SSgt,6259034,USAAC
Motzko, Stephen M.,PFC,20947817,USA (CAC)
Mumford, Robert E.,Pvt,19054790,USA (ORD)
Murphy, William M.,Sgt,6295182,USA (CAC)
Napier, Joseph D.,Pvt,14022013,USA (MD)
Near, William C.,Pvt,19020042,USAAC
Nelles, Carl,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Nelson, Wayne A.,Pvt,11015519,USA (CAC)
Nesmith, John R.,Sgt,6278251,USAAC,,,26 Mar 1945,Croup Pneumonia and Beri Beri
Neuse, Max H.,PFC,280809,USMC,NCM,,13 Dec 1944,Croup Pneumonia and Beri Beri
Neville, John W.,Sgt,20842991,USA (CAC)
Nichols, Gustave Jr.,PFC,19012938,USA (CAC)
Nielson, Lamar H.,Pvt,19011199,USA (CAC)
Niemon, Wayne W.,Corp,38012350,USA (CAC)
Norville, James B.,Pvt,14049114,USA (ORD),,,9 Jul 1945,Twisted intestines
O'Brion, Elwood Allen,EM1c,unk,unk
Oliver, George Jr.,PFC,6351348,USA (QMC)
Olson, Archie L.,PFC,16003834,USA (CAC),,,12 Feb 1945,Beri Beri
ONeal, James Thomas,Corp,17013 08,USAAC
Ortendahl, Leonard L.,Civ,na,BYD,,Wake
Ostlie, LLoyd C.,Pvt,19054263,USA (CAC),,P.I.,4 Dec 1944,Polyeruption and acute endocarditis
Ostrander, William F.,Pvt,6981372,USA (SC)
Ouillette, Virgil Angers,F1c,3119005,USN,USS Grenadier
Pacer, Henry John,Pvt,12023952,USA (SC)
Painter, John Scott,Corp,293501,USMC,Air Group 21,Wake
Parks, Robert A.,Civ,na,na
Partridge, Herman L.,Pvt,19002759,USA (ORD)
Paskey, Amuel P.,Pvt,16019094,USAAC
Patton, Henry R.,PFC,17030322,USAAC
Paul, Manford,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Pellegrino, Domenic A.,Pvt,11015132,USAAC
Peterson, Donald Humphrey,Corp,unk,unk
Peterson, Robert M.,Civ (?),na,na
Peterson, Roland W.,Civ,na,na
Petrochilli, Chester E.,Corp,13032279,USA (ORD)
Pettey, Fred R.,Pvt,14040393,USA (CAC)
Pfost, Orlie E.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,6 Sep 1943,Acute Leucaemia
Phillips, George B.,MSgt,6651745,USA (MD)
Phillips, Harley E.,Sgt,19019977,USA
Philpott, Chester A.,PFC,20843761,USA (CAC)
Picard, Leon,Pvt,6290356,USA (ORD)
Pickle, Owen B.,Pvt,14029203,USAAC
Pierce, Charles D. Jr.,TSgt,237572,USMC,NCM Hq Co,Peking
Pierce, Miner Bryan,S1c,3825920,USN (USS Grenadier)
Pinkovsky, Michael,Corp,11019725,USAAC
Pitcher, Henry J.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Plecker, McPherson,FM2c,2796739,USN
Plemmons, Carl K.,Pvt,20842993,USA (CAC)
Podeyn, Frederick R.,PFC,1700,USA
Polansky, Louis B.,Pvt,38055875,USA (CAC)
Polk, Paul L.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutta (Picture)
Power, Joseph Robert,Pvt,6153711,USA (CE)
Powney, Clark,Civ,na,na
Price, Joseph Thomas,FM1c,6460556,USN
Prine, Barney Daniel,CMM,1539297,USN
Provaznick, Cyril M.,Sgt,6261023,USA
Raiford, Herbert Maurice Jr.,PFC,34054353,USA (FA)
Rash, Robert L.,PFC,15061744,USA (CAC)
Rasmussen, N.B.,WT2c,unk,unk
Raymond, Arthur J.,Pvt,17026362,USA (CAC)
Reichert, Paul,PFC,36152210,USA (CWS)
Rich, Baron D.,Pvt,6931704,USA (QMC)
Richardson, Jesse T.,PFC,15010188,USAAC
Richey, Lewis H.,Sgt,252837,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Ricketts, Junious F.,Corp,18036324,USA (CAC)
Riffel, John H.,Civ, (PIC), na,CPNAB,,Wake,20 Dec 1942,Acute Enteritis
Riley, Glendon S.,Pvt,38012373,USA (CAC)
Roberts, Elmer M.,Pvt,17031030,USA,192nd Tank,Bataan
Roberts, Warren Edgar,Torp 2c,3213845,USN
Rodriquez, Ernest D.,Pvt,19028083,USA (MD)
Rogan, James J.,Pvt,19056273,USA (CAC)
Rogers, George Walter, PFC,17030895, USA (CWS),4th Chemical 5th ABG
Rook, Edward Bakon,Sgt,272650,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Roskell, Charles,F1c,2244822,USN,USS Grenadier
Roskopf, Andrew L.,Pvt,19015482,USA (MD)
Ross, William C.,PFC,38012099,USA (CAC)
Rouse, Paul V.,Pvt,33077052,unk
Rudin, David,Pvt,11010142,USAAC
Rupp, Albert John,S2c,6502804,USN
Russell, James E.,Pvt,38056658,USA (CE)
Rutkowski, Henry William,S1c,2073629,USN (USS Grenadier)
Ryswick, Charles A,Corp,32092632,USA (CE)
Sager, James T.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake Island
Samek, Thomas H.,(bio),PFC,20645241,USA,192nd Tank A Co,,12 Feb 1945,Malnutrition
Sappinton, Clinton,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake Island
Sartin, Marlin E.,Pvt,38011874,USA (CAC)
Sater, Harry E.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake Island
Savitsky, Charles A.,Pvt,18014174,USA (CAC)
Sawatzke, Lyle Lane,FM2c,6480543,USN (USS Grenadier)
Sawyer, Alvin Ernest, Cpl, 272867, USMC, NCM, Teintsin
Schenck, Harry Winfield,Capt,O&019033,USA (CAC),,P.I.,21 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Catarrh Pneumonia ex Enoura Maru
Schletterer, Raymond H.,PFC,32030081,USA (ORD),,P.I.,2 Jan 1945,Croup Pneumonia

Schoub, William R. Jr.,PFC,32106574,USA (CE)
Schultz, William C.,Sgt,,,,,14 Dec 1944,Croup Pneumonia and Gastric ulcer
Schwab, Arthur,Cox,3372757,USN,Stanvac Calcutter [carried as MM on camp roster]
Schwartzly, John Francis,FM1c,6222319,USN
Scott, John R.,PFC,17016676,USAAC
Scott, Robert R.,Civ,na,na
Scrivener, Willis Arthur,Capt,O&356082,USA (CAC),,,7 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri
Sears, Lawrence,PFC,19019723,USA (CAC)
Sedillo, John J.,PFC,20842998,USA (CAC)
Segure, Jose A.,Sgt,20844173,USA (CAC)
Selleseth, Oscar A.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake,6 May 1944,Acute Pneumonia
Shavers, Luther M.,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Shaw, Harry H.,PFC,19052045,USA (CAC)
Sherman, Frederick Stanley,Capt,O&367966,USA (CAC),,P.I.,8 Feb 1945,Croup Pneumonia ex-Enoura Maru
Sherman, Raymond George,Capt,O&267084,USA (ORD),,P.I.,21 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri
Shipp, John Stanley,PhM2C,3720773,USN, USNH Guam
Shoaff, Harold James,PFC,15018848,USAAC
Shoemaker, Dean Boyd,Torp 2c,3287374,USN (USS Grenadier)
Simo, Marino J.,PFC,264177,USMC,NCM,Teintsin
Simpson, John Edward,S1C,3168702,USN,USS Grenadier
Slagle, Jack,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Slaughterback, J.B.,PFC,18049794,USA
Slezak, John Jr.,Sgt,6874299,USA
Slish, Michael,Pvt,7022810,USAAC
Smith, Eugene,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Smith, Haskell W.,SSgt,6550763,USAAC
Smith, Jack O.,Sgt,6260410,USA
Smith, Ralph Allen,Sgt,6262682,USA (QMC)
Smothers, Thomas B.,Major,,,,,26 Apr 1945,Died enroute to Korea
Snyder, George W.,F1c,2243639,USN,,,23 Sep 1944,Chronic Enteritis and acute Pneumonia
Somerville, Erven Charles,Major,O&018734,USA (CAC),,P.I.,11 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Catarrh Pneumonia ex Enoura Maru

Somogyi, Stephen J,Sgt,32092280,USA (CE)
Stafford, Earl,S2c,2665630,USN,Stanvac Calcutter [carried as MM on camp roster]
Stafford, Thomas E.,Pvt,19019914,USA (CAC)
Standlee, Arthur Franklin,PFC,19052591,USA (ORD)
Stanford, Reginald W.,Pvt,19056836,USA (CAC)
Stanley, Dan W.,SSgt,6259786,USA
Starke, Edmond Jr.,Major,O&276045,USA (ORD),,,25 Mar 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri
Starnes, Eli R.,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Steber, Joseph W.,TSgt,unk
Steen, Norman,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut,,5 Apr 1943,Acute appendicitis and chronic bronchitis
Stillwell, Frederick,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Stillwell, Robert H.,Corp,15017237,USA (CAC)
Stoddard, George De Witt,S1c,3760379,USN
Stoddard, Ira Ellis,Civ,na,CPNAB,,Wake
Stracener, Bert Everrett,Pvt,6951308,USAAC
Straka, Walter B,Pvt,20700262,USA (AMD)
Strand, Lowell Hall,Ens,97178,USN,,P.I.,17 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Catarrh Pneumonia
Stuart, Neil,PFC,19014209,USA (SC)
Summerlin, Edwin,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Sweeney, Frank Cecil,Corp,19052579,USAAC
Swickard, William E.,Corp,15061836,USA (CAC)
Switzer, Raymond C.,PFC,277072,USMC,1st Def Bn,Wake
Swobe, Elmer Darling,Civ,na,na
Tatton, Cornelius C. Jr.,SSgt,19051970,USA (CAC)
Taylor, H.S.,Civ,na,na
Taylor, Orville Anderson,FCM2c,3115307,USN
Thompson, Harold Ray,CEM,2912372,USN [USS Triton-Wake Island]
Thoriot, Stephen,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut

Tilley, Estell V.,Pvt,19052516,USA
Tisdale, Renison,Pvt,7023416,USAAC
Tistadt, Hugh A. Jr.,1st Lt,O-5910,USMC,,,21 Feb 1945,Acute Enteritis & Beri Beri & Cold
Tortoriello, Michael N.,Sgt,6978822,USAAC
Trigg, Thomas James "JJ",STM1c,3604977,USN (USS Grenadier)
Troney, Norris Henry,S1c,2745660,USN, Wake Island
Troxell, Roy,Civ,na,na
Tucker, Merle E.,Pvt,17025100,USA (CAC) [E-book: 1219 Days in Hell]
Twogood, Charles A.,Corp,17003962,USA
Tyler, Robert G.,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut
Usner, Frederick R.,Corp,6880806,USA (CAC)
Utter, Walter D.,Corp,36203243,USA (CAC)
Vance, Walter G.,Civ,na,na
Versluis, Jack G.,Pvt,36153639,USA (ORD)
Vervalin, Charles Henry,MM1c,2342878,USN
Vick, Randolph.,Pvt,13032256,USA (CAC)
Vincent, Ernest,Civ,na,na
Vodehnal, Rudolph G.,Sgt,6276346,USA (QMC)
Walker, Ricard J.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Warnack, James H.,Sgt,6282788,USA (QMC)
Webber, William C.,SSgt,6373646,USAAC
Weible, Charlie B.,Civ,na,na
Wells, Wesley H., (Bio) Corp,11014925,USAAC
West, Harold H.,Corp,17003430,USA
Wheaton, Glen C.,SSgt,19019151,USA (MD)
Wheeler, Ray S.,Sgt,19019131,USA (CAC),,,17 Apr 1945,Croup Pneumonia
White, Claude W.,Pvt,34050298,USAAC
White, Stanley W.,MSgt,34050299,USAAC
Whitlock, Charles Howard,CEM,2719510,USN (USS Grenadier)
Whittington, Otto Wiseman,Corp,6292507,USA (MD)
Wieler, Paul,Civ,na,na
Williams, Francis Hubert,Major,O-4533,USMC,,,6 Mar 1945,Acute Enteritis ex Enoura Maru
Williamson, Joe W.,Corp,14042199,USA
Wilson, James C.,Corp,265998,USMC,NCM,Teintsin
Winfrey, Lowell D.,Pvt,19006242,USA (CAC)
Winnel, Emery E.,Civ,na,MM,Stanvac Calcutter
Winslow, Henry S.,Sgt,18029977,USAAC
Wittfeld, Carl J.,Corp,14057809,USA (ORD)
Witzke, Bernard W.,MM3c,3289189,USN (USS Grenadier)
Woodall, Munroe Dane,Pvt,20813305,USA (FA)
Wooten, James M.,Corp,15017105,USA (AMD)
Wright, Graham E.,SSgt,14046186,USA (CAC)
Ynclan, Eugene P.,Corp,39229435,USA (FA)
Zelke, Robert H.,Corp,39229435,USA (ORD)
Zezetarski, Eugene,Civ,na,MM,S.S. Connecticut