Ichioka (Itchioka)
Hospital Camp

Deceased POWS sent from Umeda

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Source: The following list of names was supplied by the daughter of Lt. Col. Roy E. McElfish, Virginia M. Damberg. Lt Col McElfish was transferred from Osaka to Zentsuji in January of 1943. The report was prepared upon his rescue at Rokuroshi, 27 August 1945.
This list may not include all men who perished after 01 Aug 1943.
For full List of dead (as recorded by McElfish) see Umeda page.
NOTE: Ichioka deceased roster produced by Roger Mansell in 2005.

Inclosures No. 2 (in camp) and 3 (in hospital)
Partial List of Deceased
- ex-Umeda Bunsho - Osaka Japan - 26 November 1942 to 01 August 1943
The men were taken to a "hospital" and perished at the stadium hospital called Ichioka. The hospital was the original POW camp for the 150 Guam men sent from Zentsuji in June 1942. Eighty (80) of these Guam men were later sent to Hirohata.

Name, Rank, Serial No, Branch, Date of Death (yy/mm/dd)
Lawton, Albert "Lofty", Sgmn, 2324220,HK RCOS, 42.11.30 (severe malnutrition- ex Lisbon Maru)

Balulevicuis, Waldo, PFC, 11014678, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 17 Purs Sqn, 42.11.27, Beri Beri
Barkley, Sylvester, Pvt, 19019734, INF, 808th MP (PS), 43.07.09, Ichioka, Pulmonary Infiltration
Beeman, William E., 1st Sgt, R-725735, USA (CAC), 43.02.05
Belter, Warren E., PFC, 281208, USMC 4th I, 43.04.15
Cannon, Charles M. Jr, 2nd Lt, O&420575, USAA, 43.01.12
Coker, Charles R., PFC, 6260310, 60th CAC K Co, 43.03.05
Collins, George W., Corp, 18500589, 60th CAC Hq 1st Bn, 43.01.11
Criddle, Leland Richard, GM 2c, 3757030, USN, 43.04.10
Crum, Irvin Stanley, Lt jg, 72891, USN, 43.02.23
Cullison, Shelby J., 1st Lt., O&375550, 60th CAC E Btry, 43.02.28
Fisher, Henry Joseph, S2c, 4007023, USN, 43.02.17
Gruen, Richard C., PFC, 6829055, USA (CAC), 43.01.23
Hutchison, Edward J., S1c, 2661594, USN, 43.01.23
Howard, Harry M., SGT, 227294, USMC 4th A, 43.04.03
Jarvis, Thomas L., Cpl, 6345801, USA (CAC), 43.01.16
Karpus, Anthony J., Sgt, 16004071, 60th CAC L Btry, 43.12.23
Lucus, Allen R., PVT, 287728, USMC 4th F, 43.08.06
Massey, Cecil F., CBM, 2680081, USN, 42.12.12
McGee, Thomas L. ,PFC,290276,USMC,4th H,44.07.31,Os-04D-Sakurajima,Executed by poison at Ichioka Hospital by Dr. Nosu; for escape (26 Jul) from Sakurajima; recaptured at Amagasaki; death ordered by Col. Murata
Meade, Robert J., Pvt, 15065661, 60th CAC, 43.09.16
Mikucki, William F., PFC, 282770, USMC 4th H, 43.03.11
Nelson, Charles W., PFC, 296032, USMC 4th F, 42.12.26
Niemoth, Donald W.M., PFC, 290055, USMC 4th F, 42.12.09
O'Donnell, Arnold J., 1st Lt, O&398113, USA (DC), 43.01.08
Simpson, Roy M., Corp, 6255762, 60th CAC, 42.12.29
Smith, Albert K., MSgt, R-560867, USA (ORD), 42.02.13
Sorensen, Robert S., Capt, O&277874, USA (INF) 192nd Tank C, 43.06.22 dysentery
Schwartz, Richard, PVT, 309672, USMC 4th K, 43.01.22
Sloan, John C., PLSGT, 233766, USMC 2 Bn Hq, 43.02.19
Smith, Albert K., MSgt, 560867, USA (ORD), 44.02.13
Sorensen, Robert S., Capt, O&277874, USA (INF), 43.06.22
Trowbridge, Robert, Cox, 3859186, USN, 43.07.26
Wharton, Herbert R.,CPL,264072,USMC,4th I,44.07.231,Os-04D-Sakurajima,Executed by poison at Ichioka Hospital by Dr. Nosu; for escape (26 Jul) from Sakurajima; recaptured at Amagasaki; death ordered by Col. Murata
White, Leo, Sgt, 282390, USMC 4th H, 43.03.03
Williams, Robert C., SSgt, CAC, 60th 2 Bn Hq, 43.04.30 - ex Tanagawa
Woody, Willie O., PFC, 18034298, USA (CAC), 42.12.27