Umeda Camp, Osaka

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Osaka 2-D UMEDA:
Located a few blocks from the Umeda train station, about one mile from the waterfront.
Osaka 2-D UMEDA
OSAKA-shi, KITA-ku, USHIMARU-machi
Time Line:
22 Nov 1942:
Established as UMEDA Branch Camp
18 Feb 1943: Renamed 2-B
10 Mar 1943: Renamed 2-D
21 May 1945: Destroyed POWs transferred to Tsuruga 20-B

Umeda Photographs & Sketches

Photographs of the destroyed camp, sketch of camp by Murray Sneddon and picture of loading docks where POWs worked.

Location Map
Frank Hoeffer-
Personal description of Camp destruction [External Link with excellent time line]
Camp Layout

Primary Labor Use: Stevedore
Employer was Nippon Tsuun

Camp Rosters at Liberation:
This is a re-created roster. This camp was destroyed in an incendiary raid - no surviving rosters found. Provided by the daughter of Wright P. Shill, Jr.; Data has been cross checked with NARA lists by Center For Research, Roger Mansell, Director.

List of deceased at Umeda Bunsho; includes list of those who perished at Itchioka after transfer from Umeda

Affidavit of TSgt Jesse Leon Stewart, USMC from Wake Island. Tells of camp conditions and actions of Lt. Namba

Japanese Camp Staff -
As reported by Lt Col McElfish 

Books Describing Life at Umeda
A book worth looking for...and buying!

Individual Stories/Links:
Laughter in Hell by Stephen Marek (privately published 1954)

Andy Andrews POW-152 - Well done book, excellent description of camp and one of the best portrayals of life on a hellship