Commonwealth POWS
Tokyo #13 POW Camp (Omi)

Previously known as Tokyo #7-D

Commonwealth Roster

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Source: List from MaryEllen Simmons- daughter of F. Wolpert USA; plus NARA RG 407 Box 186
Yank Roster

Name, Rank, Unit, ASN, Home
Abbott, Stephen S.,Lt,2nd East Surrey Rgt,130339,Wimbledon
Abrahams, Alfred H.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5773453,Leighton Buzzard
Adams, Albert G.,LBrd,RA Arty,88th Field,1087605,Phillipstown
Ainsworth, Kenneth H.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,3532928,,Hale
Allard, George Frank,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,5830587,Ipswich
Allison, Eric Arthur,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5777344,Norwich
Archer, G.J.,Gnr,RA Arty,137th Field,Edmonton
Back, S.L.,Pvt,1st Cambridgeshire Rgt,,Portway
Bailey, Colin,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,2591826,Queensferry
Bannister, A.,Dvr,RA Arty,88th Field,Preston
Barclay, J.W.,Seaman,Merchant Marine,,Wingate
Barks, James W.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5888045,Derby
Barnes, B.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Bradford
Barnes, Fred,LCpl,RA Signals,Fortress Sig,2336893,Blackburn
Barnes, Kenneth P.,CSM,1st Leicester Rgt,4971372,Gringley-on-the-Hill
Barrett, Edward,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,2584393,Liverpool
Bartlett, Thomas Alfred,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,2319261,Higher Crumpsall Manchester
Bate, B.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Forest Hill
Bates, Richard Thomas.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5770031,Kentish Town London
Bates, Thomas Alfred,LBrd,RA Arty,135th Field,2319261,Conisborough near Doncaster Yorks
Baxter, Lewis T.W.,LCpl,2nd A & SH,3187929,Annan Dumfrieshire
Beamish, Stanley,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Salford
Bedford, Joseph Sydney,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Castleford
Bell, Alfred Ward,CSM,Green Howards,,Hammersmith
Bembridge, John,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Peterborough
Benest, Norman Espin,Gnr,RA Arty,80th AT,Eastbourne
Bentley, David E.,Sgt,Indian Corps of Clerks,,Cocknage Wood
Berry, P.,Gnr,RA Arty,3rd Hvy (AA),1700363,Brighouse
Billett, Frank Bernard.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,2593885,Brixton
Billows, George Victor,LCpl,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5573562,Hoxton
Blackburn, John R.,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5830309,Ilford [Force G]
Bond, John H.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,South Normanton
Box, Frank W.,Pvt,RA Engineers,251st Field P Coy,Northfield
Boyd, George Henry,LBdr,RA Arty,88th Field,Billingshurst
Brakes, Douglas Harold,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Peterborough
Brand, Walter,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5835459,Sawston [Force G]
Brewster, Harold Douglas,Dvr,RA Arty,85th AT,Chelmsford
Brighty, Fred,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Salford
Brimelow, Frank A.,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Stockport
Britcliffe, Tom,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Knutsford
Brittan, Maurice W.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Derby
Brown, Clifford Ernest William,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Alysham
Brown, James,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5833408,Shepherds Bush London
Brown, Sidney Albert William,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich [Force G]
Brown, William Charles,Dvr,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,West Hartlepool
Brownless, William Percival,Sgt,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Wakefield
Brownrigg, Harry,Cpl,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Barnsley
Buck, Frederick Herbert,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933654,Doddington
Budden, Joseph Fredick,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Constable
Bullard, Reginald John,Cpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,East Dereham
Burns, Robert,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Glasgow
Burrough, John Paul,Lt,R11th Div Sigs,155754,Oxford
Byron,William James,SigMn,RA Signals,9th Div Sigs,2325852,Edinburgh
Campbell, J.,SigMn,RA Signals,Fortress Sig,Belfast
Carruthers, A.,Gnr,RA Arty,3rd Hvy (AA),Birmingham
Carter, F.C.,Cpl,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Radlett
Carver, H.,Bdr,RA Arty,16th Defense,Nottingham
Cassidy, S.R.,RQMS,RA Arty,148th Field,London
Castle, C.L,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Offley Hitchin
Caston, A.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Holt
Chadwick, A.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Droylesden [Force G]
Clark, C.S.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Ipswich
Clarke, E.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Thetford
Clarke, G.W.E.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Norwich
Clarke, J.F.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Heywood
Clarke, J.F.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Cleary,Marine,Royal Marines,,Battersea
Coe, A.A.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Yarmouth
Collard, O.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Whitchurch
Collings, R.,Gnr,RA Arty,5th Field,Ilkley
Collins, J.A.,LCpl,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Sidcup
Comer, W.C.,Gnr,RA Arty,16th Defense,Bristol
Cookson, C.,CSM,1st Manchester Rgt,,Manchester
Copeland, E.S.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Smethwick
Coppel, W.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Broughton
Cornwall, F.G.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Whetstone
Coulson, G.W.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Sheffield
Cousins, W.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Ossett
Cove, S.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Rhondda Valley
Crompton, J.A.,SigMn,RA Signals,Fortress Sig,Glasgow
Croucher, H.T.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Belvedere
Curry, J.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Newcastel-on-Tyne
Dade, F.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Elminster
Daglass, C.,SCond,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Potter Newton
Dance, H.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Addlestone
Darvill, D.T.,Dvr,RA Service Corps,,High Wycombe
Davies, J.,SCond,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Brecon
Davies, J.,LCpl,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Porthcawl
Deane, G.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Virginia Water
Delavigne, R.,LBrd,RA Arty,88th Field,Highgate
Dickinson, R.,SCond,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Hull
Didlock, W.H.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Brierley Hall
Dighton, E.S.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Ipswich
Doole, W.,Cpl,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Saxmundham
Dossett, R.J.,Seaman,Merchant Marine,,Stoke Newington
Doutre, N.H.,Sgt,Indian Corps of Clerks,,Moussaria Ind
Downs, J.,Pvt,5th Loyals,,Bolton
Downs, W.,Pvt,5th Suffolk Rgt,,Farcott
Draper, L.,LBrd,RA Arty,85th AT,Bridport
Drummond, J.A.,LCpl,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Glasgow
Duke,Sgt,Indian Corps of Clerks,,Monkwearmouth
Easingwood, G.B.,Sgt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933348,Ely
Edgar, D.A.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Southrop
Edrich, G.A.,Sgt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Dayrell
Edwards, A.R.,Cpl,RA Ordnance,,Newport
Eedes, H.,Gnr,RA Arty,148th Field,Surbiton
Egan, J.,Dvr,1st Manchester Rgt,,Manchester
Eggleton, H.H.,Cpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Stibbard
Ellis, D.O.,Bdr,RA Arty,85th AT,St Helens
Emms, H.C.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Emuss, W.G.G.,RQMS,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,North Walsham
Eyre, J.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Manchester
Fairhurst, G.E.,Cpl,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Wigan
Farrow, J.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Droylesden
Fennick, G,Cpl,Army Catering Corps,,Southwick
Ferris, G.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Belfast
Finch, A.G.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Chorley
Fisher, H.,LBrd,RA Arty,88th Field,March
Fisher, R.H.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Holmchurch
Fiske, L.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,North Walsham
Flemming, P.J.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Yarmouth
Fletcher, David J.,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933553,Bulback
Fletcher, G.F.,Cpl,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Bournville [Force G]
Floyd, D.,LSgt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Dukenfield
Flynn, B.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Oldham
Flynn, G.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Preston
Foley, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Wexford Erie
Forbes, J.,Cpl,RA Service Corps,,Fifeshire
Foster, E.A.,Cpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Fountain, Ernest G.,Sgt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933856,Wisbech [Force G]
Francis, D.,LCpl,5th Suffolk Rgt,,Bradwell-on-Sea
Franklin, J.H.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Canningtown
Freeman, A.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Battersea
Frost, H.A.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,London
Frost, S.W.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Kings Langley
Gallagher, J.,Sigmn,RA Arty,88th Field,Carlisle
Galvin, F.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Warminster
Garbett, W.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Newcastel-on-Tyne
Garnham, R.F.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Ipswich
Garrod, W.A.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Elmham
Garwood, W.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Norwich
Gathercoie, B.,Dvr,RA Arty,88th Field,Lower Tooting
George, B.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Hingham
Gibson, J.J.,Sgt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Cromer
Gilmour, D.,Dvr,RA Service Corps,,Glasgow
Goose, Jack,LSgt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933149,Edinburgh
Gosling, H.E.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Ilford
Gough, J.,Cpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Failsworth
Gowing, H.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Lowestoft
Grainger, T.E.,Sgt,RA Service Corps,,Stanwix
Graves, C.A.,Pvt,2nd Loyals,,Heckington
Greaves, C.M.,Gnr,RA Arty,137th Field,Sunderland
Green, F.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Hull
Green, J.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Beswick
Green, L.A.,Dvr,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Nottingham
Grierson, G.,LCpl,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Hull
Griffin, R.J.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,East Dereham
Griffiths, F.D.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Ellesmere
Griffiths, W.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Maulden Bedford
Haley, L.?,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,West Withington
Hall, A.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Chorley
Hall, A.B,Seaman,Merchant Marine,,Leith
Hall, R.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Salford
Halliday, H.,Cpl,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Hammond, G.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Fakenham
Hampson, J.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Preston
Harmen, H.,Pvt,RA Ordnance,,Lambeth
Harris, G.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Dereham
Harrison, C.E.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Newmarket
Harvey, W.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Ipswich
Hawken, E.C.R.,SCdtr,RA Ordnance,,Princetown
Hawkins, R.A.,Pvt,5th Suffolk Rgt,,Needham Market
Hayter, R.W.,Seaman,Merchant Marine,,Ashford
Hehir, G.,Sgt,RA Arty,5th Search Lt,Limerick
Hemsley, C.W.,AB,Royal Navy,,Brighton
Henderson, H.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Leeds
Henley, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,85th AT,Folkstone
Hicks, E.W.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,North Walsham
Higham, E.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Gorton
Higson, P.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Oldham
Hill, K.,Pvt,1st Leicester Rgt,,Inckley
Hinds, T.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Saltburn
Hodgkinson, R.,Pvt,5th Sherwoods,,Uttoxeter
Homewood, R.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Hopps, R.,Dvr,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Lanchester
Huns, D.W.,CQMS,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Hunstanton
Hunter, W.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Jedborough
Hutchins, S.G.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Calne
Ingham, R.,Dvr,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Burnley
Ions, J.J.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,New Malden
Ironmonger, H.,Pvt,1st Leicester Rgt,,Ilkeston
Isaacs, W.V.,LCpl,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Haverhill
Jackson, A.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Lowestoft
James, E.E.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,London
Johnson, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Bradford
Jones, A.R.,Cpl,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,East Dereham
Jones, G.,Sgt,Indian Corps of Clerks,,Denru Dun Ind
Jones, T.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Rhondda Valley
Jordan, J.A.,Dvr,RA Service Corps,,Sittingbourne
Kelly, E.,LSgt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Lees Oldham
Kempson, E.M.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Forest Hill
Kevins, G.,LCpl,1st Manchester Rgt,,Hollingwood
Kidd, H.,Gnr,RA Arty,6th Hy (AA),Lochgelly
Kightley, A.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Scunthorpe
Kitchen, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,16th Defense,Leeds
Knill, W.H.D.,Pvt,RA Ordnance,,Barnstaple
Krivickas, J.,SCdtr,RA Ordnance,,London
Ladmore, W.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Yarmouth
Laws, E.,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Sunderland
Lawson, E.,Gnr,RA Arty,137th Field,Sunderland
Lee, L.C.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Blackpool
Leggett, J.R.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Wisbech
Lewis, D.,LBrd,RA Arty,88th Field,Swansea
Lippard, D.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Prittelwell
Livermore, F.,RSM,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Surbiton
Lockley, H.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Burston
Lofthouse, R.W.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Harrowgate
Long, L.,Cpl,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Oxford
Longcroft, F.G.,Sgt,RA Ordnance,,Colchester
Longstaff, I.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Letchworth
Lowe, Frank,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933656,Wisbech
Lowe, W.,Dvr,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Kegworth
MacKintosh, A.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,West Hartlepool
Magerison, L.,BQMS,RA Arty,88th Field,Ashton Preston
Major, R.J.,Stoker,Royal Navy,,East Greenwich
Margrave, L.L.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Kings Langley
Markillie, E.Reginald,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933729,Parsons Drive
Marsh, Cecil Robert,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5827551,Newmarket
Martin, B.B.,Gnr,RA Arty,7th Coast,Eastbourne
Martin, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,125th AT,Ballydingle
Matthews, J.,LSgt,Indian Corps of Clerks,,Stockton-on-Tees
Matthews, L.H.,Pvt,1st Leicester Rgt,,Leicester
Matthews, W.F.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Wroxham
McAlliste,Seaman,Merchant Marine,,Glasgow
McCullum, J.S.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Dumblane
McFee, G.,Gnr,RA Arty,148th Field,Middlesborough
McGregor, F.C.J.,LSgt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Ipswich
McKinnon, W.W.,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Darlington
McLaughlin, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Kirkintilloch
McLean, W.J.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Falkirk
McShane, W.,Gnr,RA Arty,135th Field,Liverpool
Meale, J.H.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Fakenham
Meckle, T.,Seaman,Merchant Marine,,Leith
Medcraft, W.W.,Gnr,RA Arty,118th Field,Bromley
Melton, W.,CSM,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Aylsham
Melvin, T.,Pvt,2nd A & SH,,Barrhead
Mercer, W.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Belfast
Merrett, F.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Wallasey
Merritt, F.R,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Chopstead
Middleton, R.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Mill, I.R.,Gnr,RA Arty,118th Field,New Cross
Miller, E.F.,Cpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Tottenham
Milligan, H.A.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Reading
Milligan, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Motherwell
Mills, F.J.,Gnr,RA Arty,137th Field,Clacton
Mitchell, A.E.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Derby
Mitchell, W.,Sgt,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Gourock
Molyneux, W.,Dvr,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Oldham
Moore, Jack Edward,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5831441,East Rudham [Force G]
Moorehead, T.,Sgt,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Kalyan Ind
Morgan, A.e.,BQMS,RA Arty,2nd HKS (AA),Iver Heath
Morris, A.C.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Hemel Hempstead
Morris, J.W.,Cpl,RA Med Coprs,,Leominster
Morton, W.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Leeds
Moy, A.G.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Mugglestone, W.,Pvt,1st Leicester Rgt,,Ibstock
Munn, W.A.,PO,Royal Navy,,Kenton
Murphy, J.H.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Birmingham
Neill, N.,Dvr,RA Service Corps,,Liverpool
Nelson, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,7th Coast,Kilmarnock
Newell, A.E.,SSgt,Army Catering Corps,,Denver
Newsome, A.,SCond,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Belgaum Ind
Newson, A.E.,Cpl,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Blackburn
Norris, A.C.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Kings Lynn
Northcott, D.,Gnr,RA Arty,5th Field,Hounslow
Nunnm A.J.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Southend-on-Sea
Ogden, H.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Mill Hill
Osborne, A.S.,Bdr,RA Arty,88th Field,St Johns Wood
Painter, Edwin,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933833,N. Ely [Force G]
Page, R.C.,Pvt,RA Ordnance,,Birmingham
Parfitt, L.,Cpl,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Finsbury
Parker, W.A.,RSM,RA Signals,Fortress Sig,Bexley Heath
Parsons, F.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,unknown
Patterson, F.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Wigan
Paulie, D.A.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Delhi
Pawley, G.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Fakenham
Pawson, E.W.,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Bramhall
Peachment, R.J.,Cpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,East Dereham
Peck, E.R.,LCpl,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,South Lowestoft
Peppiatt, W.,Gnr,RA Arty,137th Field,Romford
Petch, C.W.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Islington
Pithers, J.J.,CSM,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Bedford
Plunkett, C.H.M,Gnr,RA Arty,18th Div Hq,Sunderland
Poll, F.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Thorpe
Pollard, E.G.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Ilkeston
Porritt, T.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Porter, A.J.,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Enfield
Potter, S.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Newton Heath
Poulter, F.E.,Cpl,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Braintree
Powell, F.C.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Woodbridge
Powell, J.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Littleport
Price, E.J.,Dvr,RA Arty,88th Field,Worcester
Prince, A.,CPO,Royal Navy,,Streatham
Pullar, W.,Cpl,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Dundee
Quirke, J.,SCond,Indian Ordnance Corps,,Burnopfield
Randall, N.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Saxlingham
Reeves, W.,LCpl,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Nunhead
Reynolds, B.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Wakefield
Reynolds, C.W.,Pvt,RA Ordnance,,Pembroke
Richardson, L.V.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Kings Lynn
Riseborough, A.L.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,North Walsham
Robbins, A.,AB,Royal Navy,,Torquay
Roberts, G.F.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Brighton
Roberts, J.,Sgt,Indian Corps of Clerks,,Reniket Ind
Robinson, J.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Manchester
Robson, A.M.,Pvt,RA Service Corps,,Dunscroft
Robson, J.N.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Durham
Rogers, A.H.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Nottingham
Rose, Kenneth H.,LSgt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5774663,Reepham
Rose, Stanley,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5830487,Chatteris [Force G]
Rout, E.J.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Kings Lynn
Rowell, T.,Gnr,RA Arty,3rd Hy (AA),Gateshead
Rowley, H.B.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Chessington
Rudd, R.H.,LCpl,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Reepham
Rudd, R.S.,Cpl,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Great Witchingham
Russell, R.,LCpl,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,London
Sabin, J.,LBrd,RA Arty,7th Coast,Whitchurch
Salloway, R.,LBrd,RA Arty,16th Defense,Borrowash
Sanger, J.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Barnehurst
Sargeant, F.H.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Mortlake
Saxby, G.L.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Clapton
Seago, P.R.,Sgt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Lowestoft
Seaman, W.J.,Sgt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Sebeston, J.A.,Gnr,RA Arty,118th Field,Blackheath
Sewell, R.T.,Pvt,RA Ordnance,,Wandsworth
Sharman, A.C.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,Arlesey
Sharman, W.L.,AB,Royal Navy,,London
Sheldon, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,3rd Hy (AA),W. Garton
Shepherd, N.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Yorkshire
Sherringham, D.H.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Sleaford
Shiel, W.,Sgt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Worthing
Sigley, F.W.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Stoke-on-Trent
Simon, M.,Pvt,Army Catering Corps,,Bow
Skillington, A.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Leeds
Smith, A.,Lead Stoker,Royal Navy,,Portsmouth
Smith, Bert William,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5831276,Colchester
Smith, E.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Fakenham
Smith, G.R.,SCdtr,RA Ordnance,,Harwell
Smith, G.R.,Pvt,2nd Gordons,,Huntley
Smith, W.,Sgt,RA Arty,85th AT,Todmorden
Smithdale, K.F.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,South Walsham
Solomon, H.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Spanton, R.E.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Washington Sta.
Speet, Stanley C.,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933609,Elton
Spence, R.J.,Bosun,Merchant Marine,,Edinburgh
Spencer, S.C.,RSM,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Alysham
Spendlove, G.E.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Nottingham
Spray, L.,Pvt,1st Leicester Rgt,,Nottingham
Stacey, R.G.,LCpl,RA Ordnance,,Blackfriars
Stanbury, A.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Hadley Barnatt
Steele, G.S.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Leiston
Steward, E.R.,Cpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Kings Lynn
Stoddart, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Kingston
Stone, A.F.,Pvt,6th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Stone, L.R.,Pvt,5th Suffolk Rgt,,Bedford
Storer, F.,LCpl,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Yarmouth
Streathfield, G.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Catford
Sutherland, D.B.,Sgt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Brancaster
Sutton, J.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Wills
Swain, K.J.,LCpl,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933867,Wisbech
Tallant, T.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Wigan
Tattersall, E.,Gnr,RA Arty,122nd Field,Bradford
Taunton, W.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Finsbury
Taylor, A.B.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Colchester
Taylor, C.,Gnr,RA Arty,122nd Field,Middlesborough
Taylor, J.W.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Tearall, L.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Putney
Thacker, G.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,London
Thompsett, D.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Borden
Thompson, E.,Gnr,RA Arty,7th Coast,Gretna Green
Thorburn, J.,CSM,1st Cambridgeshire Rgt,,Cambridge
Thorpe, S,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Cheedsham
Timcke, T.,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Romford
Tipping, W.G.,AB,Royal Navy,,Toronto
Townend, C.J.,SigMn,RA Signals,Fortress Sig,Pontefract
Traynor, J.,Pvt,2nd A & SH,,Glasgow
Tuck, Arthur James,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5933902,Mansa March
Tuck, E.C.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Fakenham
Tucker, C.,Gnr,RA Arty,135th Field,Hammersmith
Turner, E.W.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Finedon
Turner, N.J.,Lt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norwich
Vause, C.,Pvt,2nd E. Surrey Rgt,,Morden
Vickers, N.,Gnr,RA Arty,16th Defense,Henley
Waddingham, S.,Gnr,RA Arty,35th Light AA,Nottingham
Waddington, R.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Preston
Wainman, G.,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,Nottingham
Wainscott, K.A.,PO,Royal Navy,,Portsmouth
Waldron, H.W.,Gnr,RA Arty,85th AT,Camberwell
Walker, T.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,London
Wallace, Herbert C.,Cpl,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5775514,Wisbech
Ward, Edwin Charles,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,6024489,Southall [Force G - Kyokka Maru]
Ward, R.,Gnr,RA Arty,137th Field,Sunderland
Wardle, E.,Gnr,RA Arty,5th Search Lt,Bury
Warren, J.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Newbury
Warren, L.C.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Ipswich
Waterson, R.,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Yarmouth
Watts, H.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Flixton
Watts, S.F.,SigMn,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,Brixton
Webb, L.J.,Gnr,RA Arty,122nd Field,Islington
Wells, P.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Woodbridge
Were, Basil, Pvt,Coast Watch, Makin,Hamilton,NZ (11 second download)
Wharmby, J.,Pvt,1st Manchester Rgt,,Manchester
White, Leslie R.,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,6019294,Eastwood
Whitmore, V,Pvt,4th Royal Norfolk Rgt,,Norfolk
Whitten, W.J.G.,Pvt,RA Ordnance,,Walthamstow
Whitwell, C.S.,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5932249,Wisbech
Wilford, W.,Pvt,5th Sherwoods,,Swadlincote
Wilkinson, J.,Sgt,RA Ordnance,,Preston
Williams, A.,Pvt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Kings Lynn
Williams, Caradoc Morgan,Lead SM,HMS Peteral,SSX14600,Shanghai
Williams, D.J.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,Gilfach
Williams, H.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Warrington
Wilson, A.,Gnr,RA Arty,9th Coast,Dagenham
Wood, Joseph Edward,SigMn,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,2341319,Sheffield
Woodcock, Frank B.,LCpl,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5777288,Norwich
Woodhouse, Frederick,Pvt,5th Royal Norfolk Rgt,5775077,Kings Lynn
Woodruff, F.E.,Sgt,4th Suffolk Rgt,,Woodbridge
Woods, Douglas C.,Dvr,RA Signals,Cmd & 3 Corps,2337020,Hounslow
Woodworth, Stanley,Sgt,RA Signals,11th Div Sigs,256517,Manchester
Woolgar, Cecil E.,Gnr,RA Arty,88th Field,925884,Hove
Wright, Frederick C.,Pvt,2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt,5832873,Ipswich
Wright, H.C.,Pvt,Beds and Herts Rgt,,London
Yaxley, Edward,Dvr,RA Service Corps,T74416,Preston