Tokyo #13 B
Omi POW Camp

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Tokyo 13 B Branch Camp (Omi)
At the site of Electro-Chemical Industry Company (Denki Kagaku)

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12 May 1943:
Established as Tokyo 9B
23 May 1943:
296 British arrive ex Kyokko Maru
1 Aug 1943:
Renamed 7-D
14 April 1944
(Approx) - 106 Yanks arrive
August 1945: Again renamed 13-B
6 September 1945:
rescue effected, men sent by train to Yokohama
Source: Wes Injerd, Wilburn Snyder & Taeko Sasamoto

Arrival Dates for POWS:
Source- Taeko Sasamoto; Diet Files
22 May 1943:  296 British
8 October 1943: 1 American
29 March 1944: 4 American
29 April 1944: 100 American
16 May 1945: 6 American
16 May 1945: 194 British

Book about this camp:
"And all my war is done" by Steven Abbott
"Triumphs and Tragedies Corregidor and Its Aftermath" by Arthur B. Baker; Publisher LINK
"Substances of Hope" by Richard Stephen Sewell (not read)
Note: Rosters created from a small memorial booklet created in 1945 and sent to all known survivors by three British men: Abbott (Senior Officer), Burrough & Turner. Original rescue roster and death diaries/roster not located yet at NARA. 542 Men at rescue -432 British, 109 Americans & one New Zealander. Also rosters in NARA RG 407 Box 186.
Camp has a secret radio managed by Lt Abbott, see Liberation & Recovery photos.

Camp Picture: (below)
"This painting by Basil Were (New Zealand) was made during the fortnight's wait for evacuation following the Japanese surrender. It shows wooden barracks with tile roof on the right and, on the left, an air-raid shelter built by the prisoners."
Basil Were (Photo taken by Japanese) was a Coast Watcher captured in the Makin Atoll (now Kiribati). He was first taken to Yokohama for interrogation then moved to Zentsuji. See roster link for story of his return home.
Picture Source: Prisoners of Japan by D.O.W. Hall, War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand, 1949.
Primary Labor:
Quarry and Cement factory; Open hearth furnaces- chipping out the carbon ingots
Known history:
A number of British, known as Force "F", arrived from Singapore (departed 25/26 Apr 1943 on the Kyokko Maru). Voyage lasted 25 days with 2 deaths (Dutchmen). (Per David Langton)
14 April 1944 (Approx) - 106 Yanks arrived from Tanagawa ex Umeda

  109 Americans plus 2 deceased
Commonwealth  Senior Officer Abbott
Commonwealth Dead: 60 men

Group photos (courtesy of Kevin and Linda-Lee Nicholls):

American forces they include seated centrally at the front: LT. Commander A.H. Cecha, U.S.N., M.D., Nebraska, Captain M. I. Pizer, U.S.A., M.C., California and Captain J. Rizzolo, U.S.A., M.C., New Jersey. We don't have any information about any of the others in the photo, but if anyone does know who they are, we would be very pleased to hear about them.

British forces many of them from the 4th, 5th and 6th Battalions of the Royal Norfolk Regiment. It is also possible that there are some from the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk Regiment. Again, if anyone can identify anyone one the photo we would be very pleased to hear from them.

Part of the British Battalion including some from the Royal Corps of Signals and the Surrey Regiment. The three officers seated on the second row centre are Lieutenant J. P. Burrough, Royal Corps of Signals, Oxford, Lieutenant S. S.. Abbott, The East Surrey Regiment, Wimbledon and Lieutenant N. J. Turner, 5th Royal Norfolk Regiment, Norwich. Again, if anyone can identify anyone in the photo we would be very pleased to hear from them.

Special Interest:
The story of New Zealander Coast Watcher, BASIL WERE, captured at Makin Island at start of war.

Denki Kagaku Co. has erected a memorial close to where the camp was located, and the unveiling ceremony was held on Sept. 5, 2014. On the memorial are inscribed all of the names of the 58 British and two Americans who died while being held there, remembering their sacrifices as well as those who survived. Also acknowledged is the help given by the POW Research Network Japan.

Per organizers Kevin and Linda-Lee Nicholls, "We are interested in getting various artifacts relating to the camp, to be held in a cabinet, either at the Denki factory office or the local museum. We also hope that a Memorial book containing all of the names of the young men held in slavery be placed there. Those interested and willing to share may contact us with any stories or mementos." For further information, email the Nicholls at:
nicholls57 (at)

Read Omi Memorial Unveiling by Kevin and Linda-Lee Nicholls (DOCX file). Our hats off to them for their tireless efforts.

British Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery
Hodogaya, Yokohama, Japan

Individual graves of British POW's
who died at Omi

"Not just today, But every day,
In silence, We remember..."

(photos courtesy of Kevin and Linda-Lee Nicholls)
Aldis Harry Peter 5775713 6th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Barnes Arthur Reginald  5779999 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Barret Joseph  1801244 Royal Artillery
Bridge, Reginald 2331683 Royal Corps of Signals
Brown, Arthur Ernest 5778150 6th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Chapman, Cyril 6020689 4th Bn Suffolk Regt
Chester, Walter 5933187 2nd Bn The Cambridgeshire Regt
Cook, John 2925623 3rd H.A.A. Regt Royal Artillery
Crees, Benjamin James 901307 259 Bty. 118 Field Regt Royal Artillery
Dack, Bertie Reginald 5770353 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Dickson, Albert 2343074 Royal Corps of Signals
Drummy, Stanley John 851842 9th Coast Regt Royal Artillery
Durrant, Spencer Kitchener 5832566 5th Bn The Suffolk Regt
Earnshaw, Tom Edwin 2349756 Royal Corps of Signals
Edwards, Sydney Thomas T217746 53 Inf Bde Group Royal Army Service Corps
Everson, Ronald William 5774011 4th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Ferguson, James 1542871 6th Bn 1 H.A.A. Regt Royal Artillery
Fisher, William 5828272 4th Bn The Suffolk Regt
Galbraith Dougal McTavish2583951 Royal Corps of Signals
George Harold 3529569 1st Bn The Manchester Regt
Goreham Harry Percy 5778791 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Grove, William Arthur  1071453 Royal Artillery
Gunson, George Rotherly 2343782 Royal Corps of Signals
Hall, Arthur 5777091 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Hall, Cecil Frank 5774113 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Haughton, William 3515086 1st Bn Manchester Regt
Haynes, Peter 872413 9th Coast Regt, Royal Artillery
Heath, Arthur Herbert 6020099 Suffolk Regt
Hillen, James 1427283 16th Defence Regt Royal Artillery
Hinley, Francis Alfred 843617 9th Coast Regt Royal Artillery
Hitching, John Edward 1108929  88th Field Regt Royal Artillery
Keggen, Hubert Stanley 129799 R.A.S.C
Kelf, Thomas James 911258 118th Field Regt Royal Artillery
Kiernan, James Alfred 2578444 Royal Corps of Signals
Lewin, Russell George 5883252 Royal Corps of Signals
Loome, James Robert 5774840 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Margetson, Elijah Reginald 5774209 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Marsh, Walter Leslie 6015777 Royal Corps of Signals
Mason, Frank 3527186 1st Bn The Manchester Regt
McGlone, Thomas T186950 Royal Army Service Corps
McKie, Thomas 2979188 The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
McNeil, Thomas Ernest 5781118 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Middleton, David 810148 88th Field Regt Royal Artillery
Newman, Raymond Arthur 941946 88th Field Regt Royal Artillery
Overland, Edward James 5776671 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Palmer, George Frederick 5779628 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Roberts, Edward 2321727 Royal Corps of Signals
Sanderson, Edward 7342840  Royal Corps of Signals
Simpson, Frank 2336801 Royal Corps of Signals
Skidmore, Joseph 7906875 Royal Corps of Signals
Spooner, Philip Edward 5828076 4th Bn The Suffolk Regt
Theobald, Edward James 5769733 5th Bn Royal Norfolk Regt
Ward, Albert 2350821 Royal Corps of Signals
Warren, Harold 3525376 1st Bn The Manchester Regt
Webster, Frederick Wilmot 2343591 Royal Corps of Signals
Wilson, Arthur 2364930 Royal Corps of Signals
Wollage, Reginald William 2343312 Royal Corps of Signals
Wright, Herbert Harry 2330322 Royal Corps of Signals