Tokyo 13B (a.k.a. Aomi)
Previously called #7D

American Roster

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Source: List from MaryEllen Simmons- daughter of F. Wolpert USA; NARA RG 407 Box 186
British Roster     We have scans of rescue roster- ask for download
Many from Tanagawa.

Deceased: (Americans - 2) RG 407 Box 186
Becherer, Harry Paul, CPL, 11019778,AC, 24 Purs Gp 17 Purs Sqn, 45.08.27, beri beri & severe malnutrition; Japanese say Laryngo & pulmonary Tuberculosis.
Cohan, Edward A., Staff Sgt, 32024709, CWS, Unit Unk; 44.10.27 killed by falling rock in quarry

Name, Rank, Service No, Unit, Home State, Notes
Austin, Robert L.,MSgt,6807788,60th CAC,KY
Baker, Arthur B.,PFC,18036274,60th CAC,TX -- BOOK
Baker, Arthur B.,PFC,18036274,60th CAC,TX
Baker, Marvin L.,SSgt,20843133,200th CA,NM
Basydel, Frank G.,1st Sgt,630014,60th CAC,NJ
Beasor, William L.,PFC,6863635,60th CAC,NE
Beem, Delbert K.,Pvt,18063269,31st Inf,IN
Berman, Abraham,Sgt,6564699,USAAC,MA
Bevolden, Chester N.,PFC,19019929,60th CAC,MT
Bigham, James P.,Corp,6277775,31st Inf,TX
Bishop, Seeburn D.,Sgt,6389599,60th CAC,SC
Bland, Floyd C.,PFC,6914744,59th CA,IL
Boehrs, Clarence E.,Corp,19056382,60th CAC,SD
Borchert, Ernest C.,Pvt,17017228,59th CA,NE
Botto, Alvey M.,PFC,39159140,60th CAC,CA
Brady, John Alvin,Pvt,6953616,USAAC,CO
Brewer, William T.,Pvt,14038538,60th CAC,FL
Brown, Henry B.,SSgt,6874513,59th CA,NJ
Bumpass, Vernon E.,Pvt,17014180,59th CA,AR
Bush, Richard H.,Sgt,6955646,60th CAC,TX
Cary, Howard N.,Pvt,14025418,59th CA,LA
Cecha, Albin H.,Lt Cmdr,9793,USNH Guam,NE
Christiansen, A.L. Jr.,Corp,17003372,60th CAC,IA
Clanton, Arnold R.,Pvt,20843801,200th CA,NM
Clark, Oscar R.,PFC,6061756,ORD,TN
Cox, Marion R.,Pvt,15065618,60th CAC,WV
Cyrette, Bernard A.,PFC,17024989,60th CAC,MI
Davis, Paul B.,SSgt,6274674,60th CAC,NE
Davis, Roy E.,TSgt,6251851,USA (Fin),TX
Day, Joseph,Corp,19021115,31st Inf,OR
De Pretis, John,MSgt,595008,USA (HD),NJ
Denmark, Keller Jr.,Sgt,6396104,USAAC,FL
Di Giacomo, Pasquale,PFC,32092586,USA (CE),NY
Dirks, Fred H.,TSgt,6492275,59th CA,CO
Ditch, William Irving,PhM3c,3214800,USN,IA
Dowell, David A.,Sgt,35100536,192nd Tanks D,KY
Durham, William O.,Sgt,6267711,59th CA,IO
Edge, Marshall,SSgt,3498358,60th CAC,GA
Eggers, James A.,MSgt,6885215,USA (SC),PA
Feldstein, Samuel B.,PFC,6253375,31st Inf,NY,MP
Fignar, Andrew,Sgt,6835178,USAAC,PA
Firl, Lester L.,Pvt,6944458,59th CA,WV
Fourtner, Russell Ray,PFC,19054983,USA (QM),MT
Fulkerson, Joseph F.,Pvt,15067902,USA (QM),KY
Giacolone, Vincent,PFC,37058239,USAAC,MO
Gonzales, Joe F.,Corp,18016348,60th CAC,NM,,na
Grawe, Wilfred B. Jr.,Pvt,16017860,59th CA,IL
Hall, Lawrence M.,SSgt,6139491,USA (SC),MA
Harris, Marvin Clemen,Corp,35001350,Tanks,OH
Hayes, Carl S.,PFC,19054273,60th CAC,MT
Hubans, Michael D.,SSgt,6910154,USA (MC),PA
Hughes, Frederick L.,Sgt,6395404,,TN
James, William T.,Pvt,17014331,59th CA,NY
Jensen, Robert L.,Pvt,19051210,59th CA,CA
Johnson, Carl E.,Pvt,11007495,59th CA,NH
Johnson, Joseph L,Cpl,6588778,24 Purs Gp 34 Purs Sqn,KY
Jordan, Alvin A.,PFC,38011951,200th CA,CO
Jorgenson, Edward,MM,na,USS Harrison,TX
Kirby, Jack E.,PFC,39000663,60th CAC,CA
Kuykendall, Arthur G.,SSgt,13001589,USA (Fin),WV
Lane, Richard N.,Pvt,18001810,60th CAC,WA
Lantz, Fred W.,Pvt,7023691,59th CA,VA
Larsen, Christian,Sgt,32092602,803rd Eng,NY
Lee, Joseph,Civ,na,BYD,HI,Wake,na,na
Ludlum, Newton S.,SSgt,6582764,USA (HD),CA
Malcik, Daniel G.,Pvt,18048798,60th CAC,TX
Mancini, Frank,Pvt,15017357,60th CAC,OH
Mann, Joseph,Pvt,32092252,803rd Eng,NY
Mc Whirr, Howard A.,Corp,6982522,59th CA,NJ
Mercer, Clifford A.,PFC,16013481,60th CAC,MI
Meredith, Edgar U.,Sgt,6250962,20 ABG 27 Mat,TX
Merriman, Floyd W.,PFC,18048889,60th CAC,CA
Migneault, William Amedie,MSgt,6131858,USA (HD),MA
Miller. John Willis,PFC,6560204,59th CA,OR
Miranda, Joseph W.,PFC,6979249,20 ABG 19 ABS,NJ
Morton, William Harrison,PFC,19049120,USA (Fin),TX
Mosher, Vernon A.,Corp,18015241,60th CAC,VA
Neblett, Vivian R. Jr.,Sgt,18015238,60th CAC,TX
Nunnally, Gladwyn R.,Pvt,14026216,27 BG (L) Hq Med,TN
O'Bryan Thomas A.,Pvt,628391,USA (MC),PA
Olsen, Eric,Corp,6578146,26th Cav (MC),NY
Petruzela, A.F.,Corp,38030884,200th CA,TX
Pizer, Marvin I.,Capt,O&368109,12th Med Bn (PS),CA
Powell. John W. Jr.,SSgt,7023737,USA (Ord),VA
Ragland, Charles W.,PFC,19056522,USA (Fin),MO
Raugust, N.Z.H.,Civ,na,Pan Am,ND,Wake
Rizzolo, John,Maj,O&398730,24 Purs Gp 20 Purs Sqn Med,NJ
Rusch, Henry A.,Pvt,20600426,192nd Tank B,IL
Sabo,Andrew,PVT,16013465,59th F,MI [not on souvenier roster from Abbott]
Schroer, Herbert W.,Pvt,19021098,59th CA,SD
Seaman, Geroge J. Jr.,Pvt,33037455,USA (MC),PA
Smith, Harvey Alfred,PFC,15061706,60th CAC,IN
Snider, Edward Joseph,WOJG,W2101196,60th Hq,DC
Snyder, Wilburn L.R.,PFC,18008335,31st Inf 3 Bn Hq,TX [Living- seeks contact]
Spall, Leo E.,Corp,19054986,USA (MC),IN
Strobing, Irving,Corp,6975707,228th Sigs,NY
Taylor, Vance W.,Corp,6555351,31st Inf,MO
Thaut, Rudolph,Corp,19032470,59th CA,WA
Thompson, James R.,PFC,20843824,200th CA,NM
Trotter, Robert L.,Pvt,19032477,59th CA,ID,,na,na
Vickrey, John M.,1st Sgt,20844127,200th CA,NM
Wadley, Edward Dewayne,PhM2c,2954579,USN,TN
Ward, Norman P.,Pvt,19020068,228th Sigs,CT
Wayman, Duane Leroy,Corp,18001804,60th CAC,CO
Whitbeck, Earl Thomas,Pvt,32092544,60th CAC,NY
Whitted, Jesse Jay,Corp,20843773,200th CA,NM
Wolpert, Ferdinand Sebastian,Pvt,19014522,60th CAC,MO
Yountz, Russel Lester,Pvt,15017130,59th CA,WV