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Quick Facts:
Former Civilian prison converted to a POW camp, hospital and transit camp for POWS. Almost every man captured on Corregidor passed through this camp at one time or another. As it was a transit point for movement to other camps, e.g., Davao, and for hell ships to Japan, it is safe to say that over 80% of all survivors from Bataan also passed through this camp.

First major use as transit point for high ranking officers from Bataan and for all men from Corregidor.
27 May 1942: First shipment of Corregidor POWS depart for Cabanatuan
3 Jun 1942: Exodus of high rank officers to Tarlac begins.
2 Oct 1943: 150 doctors, medics and patients transferred to Cabanatuan. Included were Doctors Ferguson, Berley, Bookman and Glusman. Corpsmen Richard Bolkster, Bernard Hildebrand and Ernie Irvin.
Remaining were: Doctors Carey Smith, Max Polhman, Marion Wade (Exec Officer) & Gordon Lambert.
Source: John Glusman

The Last Days of Bilibid / Record of Events - by Sgt. Ike Thomas / Medical Dept., Bilibid Prison

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Bilibid Medical Staff
Commanded by Col Hayes who replaced Captain Lea B. Sartin who was assigned by Japanese. [Sartin- first Med CO at Bilibid]

Japanese Staff:
Headed by Captain Kusamoto but Bilibid doctors under control of Nogi Naraji, Captain IJA (MC)

Bilibid Transfer Roster
Bilibid  Liberation  Roster

The Rescue:
Wonderful story by Stanley Frankel, one of the men who rescued the internees & POWS at Bilibid. Well written and factual.

Originally three facilities.
#3- 15 miles from city of Cabanatuan: received the first group of POWS from Corregidor via Bilibid on 27 May 1942. By May 30th, camp population up to 6000.
May 31st: 1500 arrived at camp #2 which was nine miles from town. Water supply inadequate and men transferred on 3 Jun 42 to Cabanatuan #3.

O'Donnell: Camp #1 up to 7000 internees
Two large drafts left in Oct 1942 and balance of men sent to #3. O'Donnell closed except for hospital.