The recognized POW Camps in the Philippine Islands
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Map of POW Camps in the Philippines

PW Camp #1 - Cabanatuan 1-2-3 Nueva Province Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #2 - Davao Mindanao Philippines
PW Camp #3 - Old Bilibid Prison Rizal Manila Philippines
PW Camp #4 - O'Donnel Tarlac Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #5 - Baybombong Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #7 - Corregidor Corregidor Is. Philippines
PW Camp #8 - Bachrach Garage Manila Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #10 - Lipa Batanges Luzon Phillipines
PW Camp #10 - Batanges Batanges Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #11 - Port Terminal Bldg. Manila Luzon Philippines
PW camp #17 - North Central Luzon Luzon Philippines
Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines
Philippines Unstated Philippines
Camp Holmes (civ) Baguio Luzon Philippines
Davao (civ) Mindanao Philippines
Los Banos (Civ) Laguna Luzon Philippines
Manila Area (Civ) Philippines
Nichols Pasay Airfield
Santo Tomas (PW and Civ) Manila Luzon Philippines
Iloilo Camp (Civ) Iloilo City Panay Philippines
Cebu Camp Cebu Philippines
Cebu roster courtesy of Pamela Brink:
"Basically the letter was to be sent to relatives to let them know their relatives were alive. The letter from Lucy W. Brown was sent to my aunt for her to forward. It is a good list and as far as I know the only list of the Cebu internees in 1942."
Bacolod (Civ) Negros Is. Philippines
San Juan (Civ) Luzon Philippines
Christ The King Seminary Quezon City Luzon Philippines
Tacloban Leyte Philippines
Ateneo De Manila (Civ) Manila Luzon Philippines
Sakura Prison Hospital, Fort McKinley, Luzon (RG 407 Box 47)
Folder 1: Special Orders, Rosters, Payrolls, Council Book, Official Diary. Nov 1944-Jan 1945. Folder is in poor condition. Mostly U.S. POWs and civilians, but a few British, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, Bohemian, Russian & Polish individuals also. Camp map.

The following camp list is compiled from submissions by former POWS. No Philippine camps were listed in submissions by Japanese as the Philippines had been recaptured by the Allies.

Bachrach Garage Detail
Baguio Civilian Camp #3 - Roster (RG 389 Box 2070); Conditional releases; deaths; nurses, etc. (RG 389 Box 2070)
Bilibid- central POW camp in Manila
         Dr Kentner's Journal [Report on Bilibid- Tagalog for "prison or jail"]
Cabanatuan #1  Camp Desc and Rescue Roster. Good camp info here.
Cabantuan #3 [see references in above report, Cabanatuan Report #1]
Camp Murphy - Rizal- Departure Levy to the Noto Maru (150 men)
Casisang External Link- Narrative
Clark Field
Corregidor 92nd Garage
Corregidor #7 (22 men- 4 survivors- rescued in airborne assault) roster pending
Corregidor #9- located at old station hospital between "Middleside and Topside for approximately 10 months" per research of Robert Piland (Col Wright's diary- has list of 223 military and civilian prisoners, pg 183-186)
Davao - Camp #502- Davao Penal Colony DEPOCOL
Fort Hughes
Las Pinas
Lipa- Batangas [air strip construction]
Los Baņos Civilian Camp #2
Manila Port Detail - Camp #11
Malabalay - interim camp on Mindanao closed Oct 1942 men moved to Davao
Muntinlupa [New Bilibid]
Nichols Field [Pasay School Camp} Officially Camp #5 (Gruenzner, 1979)
Nielson Field
O'Donnell (Provost Marshall Report with footnotes) Officially Camp #4 (Gruenzner, 1979) Good camp info here.
Palawan (Puerto Princesa) Roster of massacre victims [EXTERNAL LINK]. For more information, see these PDF files: Palawan Atrocity Summary of August 18, 1945 (including Amb. Joseph Grew's protest letter of May 19, 1945, to Japanese Govt.), and Massacre at Palawan, YANK magazine, April 20, 1945 issue.]
San Fernando
Santo Tomas Civilian Camp #1
EXTERNAL LINKS [Link #1] worth visiting [Link #2] The BEST for individual stories and the complete story, plus a great DVD movie about the camp. See also articles in LIFE magazine. See this collection of documents re the deaths of Grinnell, Duggleby, Johnson and Larsen.
Santo Tomas roster (RG 389 Box 2070)
Conditional releases; deaths; nurses, etc. (RG 389 Box 2070)
Tarlac (held high ranking officers before shipment to Taiwan/Formosa)

History and Information on Philippine Islands Camps:

Cooper Report on Medical Activities in the Philippines and Japan
Prisoners of War in the Philippine Islands
Office of the Provost Marshal General Report on POWs in the Philippines
Death Was Part of Our Life, LIFE magazine, Feb. 7, 1944 issue
Story of escape from Davao Penal Colony, Philippines: Ten Escape From Tojo; related PDF download of The Dyess Story
Ghosts of Bataan documentary - Roger Mansell credited in this video
Guerrillas in the Philippines - excellent research by John Lewis, including section on guerrilla submarine missions to the Philippines
Philippine Scouts roster (RG 407 Box 6) - alpha listing including organization
Typical Japanese Atrocities During the Liberation of Philippines 1945-09-12 (DOC file, transcription courtesy of Scott Proudfit)
Disposition of All POWs in Philippines Oct1943 - in process
Military Units in the Philippines - PDF list from The Quan
Asst_Images_of_Bataan-Cabanatuan-Bilibid-ODonnell-Davao (PDF) - great assortment of images, courtesy of Frank Blazich; contents text file - Email us for hi-res images
RG 496_Box 40_Road_and_Trail_Map_of_Bataan_Peninsula_1942-01-04 (PDF) - huge map, total of 32 tiles; courtesy of Frank Blazich
Many links about civilian camps and military prisons: POW/INTERNMENT CAMPS IN ASIA DURING WWII
Asst. Place Name Cards for Java Camp Group Area (RG 153 Box 7, JAG files) - cards are mixed in with other area camps, contain many names and places relating to deaths, news events, atrocities, etc.
Interim Rosters for Santo Tomas, Los Banos, Baguio, Davao, Tacloban and Tagbiliran (RG 389 Box 2202) - Civilian rosters produced in May~July 1943 (see Contents on p. 10)
PHILIPPINES - Civilian camps (RG 389 Box 2201) - Prelim rosters of all nationalities
Draft Roster of Transfers to Japan (RG 407 Box 55) - POWs shipped to Japan
Recovery of Personnel Log Sheet (RG 407 Box 55) - Recovered POW list, on board hospital ships USS Sanctuary and USS Consolation; includes Beach Hospital
Draft rosters (RG 407 Box 57) - Preliminary POW roster of Americans, details unknown
Medical records (RG 407 Box 169) -Individual Medical Records (1942-43) of American civilians living in the Philippines; American civilian and military death certificates (March 1943)
Death certificates (RG 407 Boxes 170, 171) - August-November 1942. Translations of death certificates, Philippines POW camps; mostly American or Anglo names; nationalities not listed. Fifty pages only, total around 1200 pages.
Graves Registration Records 1944-1946 (RG 338 Box 532) - Burial records, isolated graves, records of deceased of various Infantry Divisions (6th thru 43rd):
Folder 1: "Base Internment - June 1945 Burial records. All U.S. POWs." U.S.A.F. Cemetery, Santa Barbara No. 1, Luzon, Philippines
Folder 2: February - June, 1945 Grave registrations - American POWs and some Filipinos
Folder 3: 43D and 158RCT - February 1945 Deceased personnel - American and Filipino POWs
Folder 4: March - June 1945 Deceased personnel - mostly U.S. and some Filipinos
Folder 5: June - August 1945 Deceased personnel - mostly U.S., some Filipinos and Japanese
Folder 6: February - August 1945 Recorded burials - U.S. and Filipino, some Japanese and Chinese
Folder 7: April - June 1945 Deceased personnel - U.S. and Filipino, some Japanese
Folder 8: Recovery of Deceased Personnel - Sixth Army - 1945 Mostly Philippines, some Dutch New Guinea - burials, maps, grave locations - U.S., some Filipinos and Japanese POWs
Folder 9: Graves Register - January - July 1945 Deceased by Division
Philippine General Hospital, SS Acadia Passenger Lists (RG 407 Box 1529):
Folders 1, 2: Philippine General Hospital lists - American, British, Dutch civilians, male and female
Folder 3: Passenger List SS Acadia - Cuban, American, Chinese, and Filipino
Folder 4: Passenger Lists for USS Clarence Roberts, USS General Bundy, USS Langfette, USS General Sturgis, USS Marine Panther, USS Sea Skimmer, USS Octorara, USS Marine Fox, and USS General Pope - Dutch, American, French, Stateless, British, and Panamanian (NOTE: Only a few pages photographed)
Folder 5: Philippine Scouts Returned to Military Control
Capalonga soldiers (RG 407 Box 123) - Report about six American soldiers who were cared for and protected in Capalonga, Camarines Norte. Sept 22, 1945.
ATIS Bulletins, Philippines and
Java, May-July 1945
Visayan-Mindanao Force (RG 407 Box 47) - Miscellaneous Roster, Correspondence, Orders, Memoranda. 1941-42; roster mostly US POWs.

Statistics regarding the men on Bataan and Corregidor (by Robert Hudson):

In the last two weeks before surrender, there were 150 non-battle-related deaths per day due to disease and malnutrition.

During the Bataan Death March, 5,000 ~ 10,000 Filipino's died and 500 ~ 600 Americans.

At Camp O'Donnell, from which Corregidor men were spared, in six weeks, 2,534 Americans and as many as 22,000 Filipinos died. These deaths can be attributed largely to the condition these men were in after surviving the march.

When the Bataan men were moved to Cabanatuan, the Corregidor men were there watching them come in and were aghast at the horrible condition they were in. In the first month at Cabanatuan, 1,300 Bataan men died as opposed to 37 Corregidor men.

Between 1942 and 1944, there were 2,636 total POW deaths at Cabanatuan -- 2,399 men from Bataan and 237 from Corregidor.

After a few weeks in Cabanatuan, all POW's were in the same poor condition. It stands to reason, then, that the majority of POW's who died on hell ships were from Corregidor because within six months after the surrender, half of the Bataan men were dead.

Philippine Philatelist: Prisoner of War Camps in the Philippines - Interesting collection of postcards and other documents from POWs in Philippine camps

Bataan Missing
Dedicated to the thousands of American servicemen who were imprisoned and died of starvation, disease and mistreatment on the Bataan Death March and in Japanese prison camps in the Philippines

Cabanatuan Burial Roster
Archival Research memo describing the POW recovery process

Typical Cabanatuan Death Roster - 19 Nov 1942

Typical Army Identification Board Proceedings
2nd General Hospital
2nd General Hospital Unit Roster, part 1

2nd General Hospital Unit Roster, part 2

2nd General Hospital History, part 1

2nd General Hospital History, part 2

2nd General Hospital History, part 3

History of 2nd General Hospital by LTC Jack Schwartz - External Link
Identification of POW Remains
Family Reference Sample Relationship Chart

Identification Process - example of completed identifications

Identification Process - roster of identified remains

1977 Commemorative Envelopes

Bataan commemorative

Bataan commemorative

Corregidor commemorative

Corregidor commemorative