The recognized POW Camps in the Philippine Islands
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Map of POW Camps in the Philippines

PW Camp #1 - Cabanatuan 1-2-3 Nueva Province Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #2 - Davao Mindanao Philippines
PW Camp #3 - Old Bilibid Prison Rizal Manila Philippines
PW Camp #4 - O'Donnel Tarlac Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #5 - Baybombong Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #7 - Corregidor Corregidor Is. Philippines
PW Camp #8 - Bachrach Garage Manila Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #10 - Lipa Batanges Luzon Phillipines
PW Camp #10 - Batanges Batanges Luzon Philippines
PW Camp #11 - Port Terminal Bldg. Manila Luzon Philippines
PW camp #17 - North Central Luzon Luzon Philippines
Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines
Philippines Unstated Philippines
Camp Holmes (civ) Baguio Luzon Philippines
Davao (civ) Mindanao Philippines
Los Banos (Civ) Laguna Luzon Philippines
Manila Area (Civ) Philippines
Nichols Pasay Airfield
Santo Tomas (PW and Civ) Manila Luzon Philippines
Iloilo Camp (Civ) Iloilo City Panay Philippines
Cebu Camp Cebu Camp Philippines
Bacolod (Civ) Negros Is. Philippines
San Juan (Civ) Luzon Philippines
Christ The King Seminary Quezon City Luzon Philippines
Tacloban Leyte Philippines
Ateneo De Manila (Civ) Manila Luzon Philippines

Statistics regarding the men on Bataan and Corregidor (by Robert Hudson):

In the last two weeks before surrender, there were 150 non-battle-related deaths per day due to disease and malnutrition.

During the Bataan Death March, 5,000 ~ 10,000 Filipino's died and 500 ~ 600 Americans.

At Camp O'Donnell, from which Corregidor men were spared, in six weeks, 2,534 Americans and as many as 22,000 Filipinos died. These deaths can be attributed largely to the condition these men were in after surviving the march.

When the Bataan men were moved to Cabanatuan, the Corregidor men were there watching them come in and were aghast at the horrible condition they were in. In the first month at Cabanatuan, 1,300 Bataan men died as opposed to 37 Corregidor men.

Between 1942 and 1944, there were 2,636 total POW deaths at Cabanatuan -- 2,399 men from Bataan and 237 from Corregidor.

After a few weeks in Cabanatuan, all POW's were in the same poor condition. It stands to reason, then, that the majority of POW's who died on hell ships were from Corregidor because within six months after the surrender, half of the Bataan men were dead.

Philippine Philatelist: Prisoner of War Camps in the Philippines - Interesting collection of postcards and other documents from POWs in Philippine camps

Bataan Missing
Dedicated to the thousands of American servicemen who were imprisoned and died of starvation, disease and mistreatment on the Bataan Death March and in Japanese prison camps in the Philippines

Cabanatuan Burial Roster
Archival Research memo describing the POW recovery process

Typical Cabanatuan Death Roster - 19 Nov 1942

Typical Army Identification Board Proceedings
2nd General Hospital
2nd General Hospital Unit Roster, part 1

2nd General Hospital Unit Roster, part 2

2nd General Hospital History, part 1

2nd General Hospital History, part 2

2nd General Hospital History, part 3

History of 2nd General Hospital by LTC Jack Schwartz - External Link
Identification of POW Remains
Family Reference Sample Relationship Chart

Identification Process - example of completed identifications

Identification Process - roster of identified remains

1977 Commemorative Envelopes

Bataan commemorative

Bataan commemorative

Corregidor commemorative

Corregidor commemorative