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National Archives (NARA)

POW Case File Reference Cards, 1944-1949 (RG 153 Boxes 1-73)
From the "Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army)" for use in the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, these case file reference cards contain assorted notes on individual POWs, internees, and Japanese personnel regarding atrocities and other incidents. A total of 61,347 individual records have been compiled into the following PDF's.
See also from the NDL Alphabetical List of Affidavits cards (Abream to Mellema - Meredith to Zivko) and POWs and POW Camps data cards from Abstracts of Evidentiary Documents Alphabetical by Subject 3.

Aagro, Harry THRU Alexander, William
Alfano, Frank Philip THRU Archer, Norman
Archibald, J. THRU Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Vincent USN THRU Bartrom, R. J.
Bartter, Father THRU Bennison, Elroy L. Sgt.
Benny THRU Bleil, Eugene E.
Bleming THRU Boynton, John B., Capt
Boyster, Lancy THRU Brown, Frank M. Jr.
Brown, Fred H. Sgt. THRU Burgess, Frank H.
Burgess, Harlan Col. THRU Campbell, Billy Pvt
Campbell, Bob A. Sgt. THRU Cfoth, C.
Chabault, Lt. THRU The Civilian Guard
Claflin, Francis Marion CMB THRU Compton, Robert James Major
Con, Tom THRU Crews, John W., Jr. WO
Crichton, L. J. Mrs. THRU Daun, W. Sgt.
Da Vault, Leamon J. SSgt. THRU Devine, Richard D.
Devino, Frank Harold, Pfc. THRU Doyle, Charles F., Pvt.
Doyle, Dennis, MM1c THRU Eldal, Oscar M., PFC
Elder, Charles J. THRU Fajnik, MSgt.
Fajardo, Jose THRU Fleming, Capt.
Flevery, Hurbut THRU Frey, Robert Leroy, PFC
Friberg, Carl THRU Gardiner, Lee
Gardiner, Robert Henry (Pvt) THRU Glick, Harvey M.
Glietsch, Herbert THRU Gray, William
Grayburn THRU Hainesworth, Henry Lee
Hair, Doris Mrs. THRU Harris, John Solomon
Harris, L. H. - ACMM THRU Hell Ship
Hellender THRU Hirazawa, Atsushi
Hiromachi THRU Horse Face
Horsehide THRU Hurth, Thomas B.
Huruyama (Furuyama), Chozo THRU Issimoto (Ishimoto)
Istock, John J. PhM2c THRU Johnson, Gordon Grant
Johnson, Gus E., 1st Lt. THRU Kamada, Shugi, Sgt.
Kamae, Kinji THRU Kelley, John, Lt
Kelley, Raymond W. THRU Kisinger, Vernon E.
Koniko, THRU Lane, Harold Dale
Lieb, Charles W. THRU Lubey, G. P.
Maru, Dr. THRU Mendoza, Joaqin Peguero
McFarlan, Elsa THRU Mahlandt, Melvin Henry
Mitchem, Paul L. THRU Mori, Toshio
Muta, M. THRU Neilsen, Eugene
Noma, Gennosuke THRU Okayama, Hikoji, Sgt
Otake THRU Pe, San
Pine, Edward C. THRU Pyle, Charles E.
Reed, Robert THRU Roberson, Coda C.
Rubo, Okihiko THRU Sandig, Leocadio
Schute, Paul THRU Shibano, Tadao, Sgt. Maj.
Sito, Capt. THRU Snider, Edward J
Steward, Lamar, TSgt. THRU Sweifel, E.E., Major
Tant, Robert Buford THRU Tinero, Andres
Tuan, Khu Le THRU Van Voorhees, E. M.
Warren, Charles THRU Whitaker, Septimus T. B.
Wiltrip, Lee Sgt. THRU Yamamoto, Juzo
Zacks, Robert THRU Zytaruk, N.

National Diet Library (Japan)

Topic Index -- to be compiled
Docs_submitted_to_SCAF_1945-08-19_Part 1.pdf
Docs_submitted_to_SCAF_1945-08-19_Part 2.pdf

SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol I.pdf -- important section on A-bomb research missing! (pp.41-48)
SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol II.pdf
SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol III.pdf
SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol IV_Chemical_Warfare.pdf
SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol V_Biological_Warfare.pdf


Report showing disposition of Japanese forces at end of war, 15 August 1945 Report No 8-a(21), USSBS Index Section 6.pdf -- map of enemy airfields

Report on Who's Who in Java, 1945-05-01 Report No 12-a(15), USSBS Index Section 6.pdf
Invasion of Java by 16th Army, Serial No 516 Report No 2-t, USSBS Index Section 8.pdf -- Maj. Gen. Takashima interview - very interesting statements on various topics

091 General Headquarters G-2, Far East Command, Thailand, Line No 1, Jan - Dec 1952.pdf -- returned to CLASSIFIED!!
M354--18E Japanese Administration of Occupied Areas, Thailand 15 December 1944 Report No 36-a(27) USSBS Index Section 6-s.pdf

000-91 General Headquarters G-2, Far East Command, Jan - Dec 1947 bio-warfare, theft of A-bombs in Korea.pdf
Report on the Destruction of Manila and Japanese Atrocities, Feb 1945.pdf
General Headquarters, SWPA, Military Intelligence Section, General Staff, Report on the Destruction of Manila and Japanese Atrocities, Feb 1945.pdf
211 General Headquarters G-2, Far East Command, Jan - Dec 1946 roster of Nisei in Japan.pdf
091 General Headquarters G-2, Far East Command, Russia, Jan - Dec 1946 conditions in Karafuto.pdf
385 General Headquarters G-2, Far East Command, Line No 1 - 2, Jan - Dec 1951 Atomic Warfare Guidance, 1951-09-15 mentions Itazuke, Brady.pdf
000-91 General Headquarters G-2, Far East Command, Jan - Dec 1948 atomic missile, uranium deposits in Korea.pdf

Damage assessment photo intelligence reports of Far Eastern targets, Numerical index of Far Eastern Targets Report No 3-a(1), USSBS Index Section 7.pdf - Master target list

Korean and Chinese Labor - excerpts from USSBS Japanese Wartime Standard of Living and Utilization of Manpower 1947-01.pdf
8818020 First section only - to page 217 (includes drafts)
8818062 Imported labor Report pertaining to the utilization of Korean laborers (imported group) (part Japanese) Report No 42a(10)(a), USSBS Index Section 2
8818063 Imported labor The use of Imported Chinese labor (part Japanese) Report No 42a(10)(b), USSBS Index Section 2
8818064 Imported labor Utilization and treatment of Koreans (part Japanese) Report No 42a(10)(c), USSBS Index Section 2
8818065 Imported labor Survey of Koreans resident in Japan proper by industry and occupation Report No 42a(10)(d), USSBS Index Section 2
8818066 Imported labor Report on the group importation situation of Koreans Report No 42a(10)(e), USSBS Index Section 2
8818067 Imported labor Allowance (Chinese) Report No 42a(10)(f), USSBS Index Section 2
8818069 Labor Mobilization How government offices controlled laborers (part Japanese) Report No 42a(11)(b), USSBS Index Section 2
8818082 Control of labor Population, armed forces, and civilian labor force by sex and activity, Japan proper Report No 42a(12)(c), USSBS Index Section 2
8818083 Control of labor Labor situation existing during East Asia War Report No 42a(12)(d), USSBS Index Section 2
8818084 Control of labor Report on the utilization of Korean laborers Report No 42a(12)(e), USSBS Index Section 2
8818101 Productivity and absenteeism by individual plants Report on the Japan Steel Works Ltd
8818258 Report on Japan and Korea to the Far Eastern Commission Eighth weekly report-Civil Affairs Division.  Report No 42d(2)(a), USSBS Index Section 2
8820266 List of Chinese laborers in Japan Report No 54gg(1), USSBS Index Section 2
8320567 Control of the Korean movement Report of trends caused by imported Korean laborers Report No 14h(56)(a), USSBS Index Section 2 (rest of this section not online!)

Summary report Investigation into Japanese activity to develop atomic power(1) Source GHQ, Tokyo, memo to Brig Gen Newman Report No 3f(14), USSBS Index Section 2.pdf
Series of Japanese reports on the atomic bomb (tables of contents) Nav Tech Jap Report No 3c(30), USSBS Index Section 2.pdf
Interview of Warren(MC) USNR, 21 Nov 1945, re all groups working on A bombings; Pace, Nav Tech, Berg, Army medical group interviews, Report No 3c(2), USSBS Index Section 2.pdf
Hearings before the Senate special meeting on atomic energy Report No 3f(20), USSBS Index Section 2 - interesting comments re A-bomb.pdf
Air strikes on Hiroshima prior to A-bomb Source PDD team No 1 Report No 3e(8), USSBS Index Section 2.pdf
OSRD documents re atomic research 1942-1944.pdf
Assorted pages from the WWII War Office of Scientific Research and Development, Atomic Bomb Development, Vannevar Bush and James Conant Papers. Of note are comments re possible German use of "radioactive poisons" as a weapon in the fall of 1943. Also that when "a bomb" were to be developed, it would "be used against the Japanese, who should be warned that this bombardment will be repeated until they surrender."

Bio and Chem:
2597 Intelligence Bulletin, G-2, USAFPOA, no 8 - 14 Jan 45 - Note on Bacteria.pdf
2596 Intelligence Bulletin, G-2, USAFPOA, no 9 - 2 Feb 45 - Notes on Bacteriological Warfare.pdf
2618 Intelligence Bulletin, G-2, USAFPOA, no 11 - 9 Mar 45 - BW free balloons, BW research.pdf
2612 Intelligence Bulletin, G-2, USAFPOA, no 13 - 6 Apr 45 - unethical medical practices.pdf
2594 Intelligence Bulletin, G-2, USAFPOA, no 16 - 18 May 45 - Jap Bacteriological Gas.pdf

SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol IV_Chemical_Warfare.pdf
SIS_Report_Sept-Oct 1945_Vol V_Biological_Warfare.pdf

Biological and Chemical Warfare - BAS June 1960.pdf
Japan's Secret Poison Gas Complex - BAS October 1988.pdf


JACAR (Japan National Diet Library)

Int'l Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE) Narrative Summaries
The following files contain POW-related information (treatment of POWs and civilian internees, camps, atrocities, regulations, etc.) culled from over 10,000 pages of the IMTFE Narrative Summaries of the Record. The Record of Proceedings of the IMTFE, it may be noted, total close to 50,000 pages, so the Narrative Summaries are very helpful in getting the essence of what was covered during the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, minus the final pages dealing with Summations, Replies and Judgments, as well as omitting the back-and-forth discussions between the prosecution and the defense and other related formalities of the proceedings. There is also a Summary of the Proceedings, however only the first part is available (through page 16,997 of the Record, consisting of 343 pages); includes interesting remarks and advice by the President. There is also a Chronological Summary, in two parts (total 380 pages), of the "oral and documentary evidence given by the Prosecution up to December 10, 1946," giving much like a story line for the whole Prosecution phase.
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 05-07a
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 05-07b
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 05-07c
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 05-07d
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 05-07e
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 12
POW-related info - IMTFE Narrative Summary of the Record Vol 13-20

IMTFE 57-58 Regulations on Treatment of POWs p216-301 (Part A - Part B) - Laws, Rules, and Regulations Pertaining to POWs; POW Labor
Court Exhibit No. 3128: Reports on treatment of POWs in Prisoner Camps in Japan proper.pdf
No 60 (IMTFE 14,931~)
Swiss reports on civilian & POW camps p1~; Shanghai p66; Bailey deposition of charges against J-Govt. p96 (IMTFE 14891 p359); chart of Aussie, Canadian, Brit, NZ POWs p112; Master index of total POWs p119; (IMTFE 14911~ p379 contains testimony of Jesse Stewart re Wake atrocities) Wake Island massacre - Lancaster p121, Sakibara (Sakaibara), Tachibana "All my statements hitherto are false" p128; Ito "All that I stated on Wake Island is false", Rudisill, Kohara; Swiss re 432 Americans taken on Wake p140, list of 173 Americans p156; Obara re execution of POWs on Kwajalein p170, interrogation of Koso Abe p181 re Kwajalein and Wake Island massacre and Sakaibara; Cannibalism on Pacific Islands (IMTFE p15,033~), re Gen. Tachibana p199; List of accused for atrocities in Marshall Gilbert Area p251; list of Army & Navy Air Borne personnel lost over Truk p255, casualties Bonin Island p263; Marine dead Makin p267; Civilian PNAB list of dead p270


Asst. POW:
USS Houston - POW Log 1942-03-01to1945-08-16 - list of survivors, dead, cemeteries.pdf
Arthur Maher USS Houston - Jap prison experiences.pdf
Escape of Lt Cmdr Melvyn McCoy from Japanese Prison Camp - c AUG 1943.pdf
PW Interrogation Reports - KAWABATA, TOKUGAWA, KANAHARA 1943-10-29.pdf
Interrogation of German POWs re human torpedo attack 1944-09-10.pdf
Cunningham, Winfield USN - History of Wake Island Defense 1946-01-09.pdf
Jackson, Leona USN - Capture of Guam and internment 1941-12-09.pdf
Savadkin, Lawrence USNR - POW experiences at Ofuna and Omori 1946-01-30.pdf
Gower, Charlotte USMC - Fall of Hong Kong and Experiences as POW 1943-04-07.pdf
Davis, Landon USS Pampanito - Rescue of Prison Ship Survivors 1944-10-26.pdf

Liberation and evacuation of POWs - Occupation of Japan:
Fourth Marines Ops Log 1941-12-08 to 1942-05-03 (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6) - R-2 Journal, HQ, 4th Marines, Fort Mills, P.I., etc.

Fukuoka Occupation Force Operations Report 1945-09 to 11 (RG38) (Part 1 - Part 2)
Fifth Amphib Corps - Occupation of Japan 1945-11-30 (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8)
Second Marine Divison - Occupation of Japan 1945-12-01 (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4)
US Pacific Fleet - Surrender and Occupation of Japan 1946-02-11.pdf
Occupation of Japan - Page 812.jpg - Location of Japanese Army and Navy Airfields

Fifth Fleet Action Report - Occupation of Japan 1945-08-15to11-08.pdf
Comtask Group 38-1 - Action Report 1945-08-16to09-02.pdf
Task Flotilla Six - Action Report, Evac of POWs from Tokyo 1945-08-29to09-19.pdf
Carrier Air Group 88 - Reports 1944-08-18to1945-10-25.pdf
Com Fifth Fleet - War Diary 1945-09,10.pdf
Com Phib Group 4 - Occupation Report 1945-09-01to11-08.pdf

Fifth Amph Force CTF54 - Occupation of Kyushu and Honshu 1945-08-15to10-03.pdf
Fifth Marine Div - Occupation of Japan 1945-09-22 to 11-30 (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8)

Fleet Air Wing 17 - Lives, Deeds and Heroic Sayings 1943-09-15 to 1945-09-30 (Part 1 - Part 2)
Pacific Ocean Areas Operations 1945-08.pdf
Task Force 31 - Occupation of Yokosuka 1945-08-19 to 09-08 (Part 1 - Part 2)

Third Amphib Force - Occupation of North Japan 1945-11-05.pdf
Third Fleet - Ops on Occupation of Japan 1945-08-16to09-19.pdf
Third Fleet CTU 31-3-3 Initial Landing Yokosuka 1945-08-20to09-04.pdf

Torpedo Sqdrn VT-94 - History 1944-11-15 to 1945-10-30 - pilots describe air drops on POW camps
TU 31-4-2 - Occupation of Yokosuka 1945-08-30,31.pdf
Amphib Grp 12 - Occup Tokyo 1945-08-18to10-01.pdf
Battleship Sqdn 2, TU 38-1-2 Ops 1945-08-15to09-02.pdf
Cmdr Cruiser 12 War Diary Evac 1945-09.pdf
Cmdr Cruiser 12 Action Report Evac of RAMPs from Wakayama 1945-09-09to10-04.pdf
Cmdr Naval Forces Kyushu TG 55-2 War Diary 1945-12.pdf
COMCARDIV5 Comm Task Force 58-1 War Diary 1945.pdf
Comm Task Force 55 Action Report Occup West Japan 1945-11-23.pdf
Comm Amphib 4 CTG 54-1 Occup Sasebo Fukuoka 1945-11-11.pdf
CINCPAC War Diary 1945-09 (Part 1 - Part 2)
CINCPAC Report of Surrender and Occupation of Japan 1946-02-11.pdf - Very good general report on the surrender and occupation of Japanese Empire

USS Lexington War History 1943-1945.pdf
USS Yorktown - Action Report 1945-08-16to09-02.pdf
USS Indiana - Action Report 1945-08-16to09-02.pdf
USS Belleau Wood - Action Report 1945-08-16to09-02.pdf
USS San Jacinto - Action Report 1945-08-16to31.pdf
USS Wasp - Action Report 1945-08-16to30.pdf
USS Bennington - War Diary 1945-08.pdf
USS Boston - Action Report 1945-09-03to11-01.pdf
USS Mugford - Evacuation and Occupation of Japan 1945-09-08to10-28.pdf
USS Hopping - General Action Report, Evac of POWs from Wakayama 1945-09-9to26-s.pdf
USS Cowpens - Action Report 1945-08-16to09-02.pdf
USS Howorth - War Diary 1945-09.pdf
USS Lardner - War Diary 1945-09.pdf
USS San Juan - War Diary 1945-08-01to09-30.pdf
USS Wantuck - War Diary.pdf
USS Weber - Ship History.pdf
USS Willoughby - History.pdf
USS Shangri-La History 1942-1945 (Part 1 - Part 2)
USS Reeves History in 3 Parts 1945-04to09.pdf

Fighting Sqdn 47 History 1944-1945.pdf
Collected Songs from the Fighting Sqdn 47.pdf

USS Benevolence - War Diary 1945-08-01to31.pdf
USS Haven Muster Rolls 1945-05to09.pdf
USS Haven - War Diary 1945-09-01to30.pdf
USS Rescue - History and War Diary 1945-01to1945-09.pdf
USS Rescue Muster Rolls 1945.pdf
USS Relief Chronicle 1943-02to1945-12.pdf
USS Relief War Diary 1945-09.pdf

Pacific Area War Crimes Trials, Guam: (defendant names in alpha order)
US Navy Pacific Area War Crimes Trials Case Files contents.pdf

Navy JAG Case File - AJIOKA, Misao et al 1947-12-15to24.pdf
Army JAG Case File - ASANO, Shimpei 1947-09-22.pdf - Trial of Asano, Ueno, Nakase, Eriguchi, Kobayashi, Tanaka (Dublon Island, Truk Atoll, Caroline Islands), Sept. 22 to Oct. 24, 1947
Navy JAG Case File - ASANO, Shimpei 1947-09-22 (RG125).pdf
Army JAG Case File - FURUKI, Hidesaku 1947-03-01.pdf - Trial of Japanese Army Major Furuki (Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands), Mar. 1 to Apr. 18, 1947
Navy JAG Case File - FURUKI, Hidesaki 1947-03-01 Part 1.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - FURUKI, Hidesaki 1947-03-01 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - HARA, Chuichi 1948-10-27to1949-01-11 Part 1.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - HARA, Chuichi 1948-10-27to1949-01-11 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - HOSOKAWA, Akiyoshi 1945-09-12.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - IGAWA, Tadao 1946-02-08to18.pdf
Army JAG Case File - INOUE, Fumio 1947-04-23.pdf - Trial of Japanese Army Captain Inoue (Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands), Apr. 23 to June 5, 1947
Navy JAG Case File - INOUE, Fumio 1947-04-23 Part 1.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - INOUE, Fumio 1947-04-23 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - INOUE, Fumio 1947-04-23 Part 3.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - INOUE and TADA 1949-03-28to04-28 Part 1.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - INOUE and TADA 1949-03-28to04-28 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - ISONO and NAKAJIMA 1946-06-03to06.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - ITO, Kikuji et al 1946-06-19to07-01.pdf
Army JAG Case File - IWANAMI, Hiroshi 1947-06-10 Part 1.pdf - Trial of Iwanami, Kamikawa, Oishi, Asamura, Sakagami, Yoshizawa, Homma, Watanabe, Tanabe, Mukai, Kawashima, Sawada, Tanaka, Akabori, Kuwabara, Tsutsui, Namatamo, Takaishi, Mitsuhashi ((Dublon Island, Truk Atoll, Caroline Islands), June 10 to Sept. 5, 1947
Army JAG Case File - IWANAMI, Hiroshi 1947-06-10 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - IWANAMI, Hiroshi List of petitioners 1947-06-10.pdf
Army JAG Case File - IWANAMI - Charges and specifications in Japanese.pdf - pp. 6-18 from above file
Navy JAG Case File - KATO, Takemune et al 1946-07-12to22.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - KATSUMI, Seishi 1948-09-20 (RG125).pdf - Christian interpreter on Wake Island; many affidavits
Navy JAG Case File - KAWACHI, Kanzo et al 1945-09-17to18.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - KOBAYASHI, Masashi 1948-05-13 Part 1.pdf - Trial of Vice Admiral Kobayashi (Wake Island, Kwajalein, Dublon, Mille Atoll, Marshall Islands), May 13 to July 16, 1948
Navy JAG Case File - KOBAYASHI, Masashi 1948-05-13 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - KOBAYASHI, Matsukichi 1945-04-10to20.pdf
Army JAG Case File - KOICHI, KATSUYAMA, ONOSE, TSUCHIYA 1947-11-24.pdf - beheading of Kaufman on Palau Island
Navy JAG Case File - KOICHI, Hiroe 1947-11-24to12-06.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - MASUDA, Nisuke et al 1945-12-07to12.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - MIWA, Kyomon 1945-09-20.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - NAKAMURA, Kazuo et al 1948-01-06to27.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - OGAWA, Hirose 1945-10-12to13.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - OISHI et al 1945-11-21to12-11.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - SHINOHARA, Samuel Takekuma 1945-07-28to08-27.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - SHOJI and TAKAHASHI 1945-08-30to09-08.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - TACHIBANA, Yoshio et al 1946-08-15to10-04.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - TAKANO, Masayoshi 1946-10-21to22.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - TAKATA, Shogoro 1947-02-04to25.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - TANAKA, Masaharu et al 1946-11-05to14.pdf
Army JAG Case File - TANAKA, Shigehiko re inhumanities 1944-09-03.pdf - short statement re 28 airmen executed on Truk Island, Feb. 1944
Navy JAG Case File - TERAKI, Tadashi 1949-03-04to17.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - TOKUNAGA, Akira et al 1949-01-26to02-16.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - TOMITA, Ryoji 1946-11-21to12-16.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - WAKABAYASHI, Seisaku 1948-07-29to09-07 Part 1.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - WAKABAYASHI, Seisaku 1948-07-29to09-07 Part 2.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - YAMAMOTO, Kazuharu et al 1948-02-16to03-25 Part 1.pdf
Navy JAG Case File - YAMAMOTO, Kazuharu et al 1948-02-16to03-25 Part 2.pdf

Army JAG Case File - Saipan atrocities 1944-08-01.pdf - US airmen murdered on Saipan, early 1944
Army JAG Case File - Brutal treatment of POWs on Mili Atoll 1946-08.pdf - murder of Catholic priests on Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands, Nov. 5, 1942
Army JAG Case File - Captured personnel Nisei from Hawaii 1945-04-23.pdf - American-born Japanese captured on Saipan, July 9, 1944; lists other Nisei from the US and Canada who were involved in radio monitoring and broadcasting
Army JAG Case File - Johnston testimony re killing of unknown Marine 1945-07-09.pdf - mutilation of US Marine on Saipan, June 16, 1944
Army JAG Case File - Perrez, execution photo of Guamanians 1944-06.pdf
Army JAG Case File - Japanese diary re torture of POWs 1945-03-29.pdf - short excerpt from Dec. 1943
Army JAG Case File - Execution of two spies on Guam 1942-01-06.pdf


Carrier Div One CTG 58-3,38-3 Action Report 1945-03-14to06-01 attacks on Itazuke.pdf
Naval Shipping Control Authority War Diary 1945-10 J-repat stats, list of J-ships and Marus.pdf

Comfort Women: (Not from FOLD3)
IMTFE 51,52,53 - Forced Prostitution in Borneo and Java 1944.pdf - from Tokyo War Crimes trial exhibits
Report on Three Korean Navy Civilians note 18 re prostitutes - MIS Report 1945-04-24.pdf
Enemy Alien Report - Prostitutes in Employ in Jap Army 1945-05-21.pdf
Capture of Korean Comfort Women Report No 49 1944-10-01.pdf (better copy of report; nurse captured with comfort girls)
Amusements and brothels in Japanese Armed Forces - ATIS Publications 1945-11-15.pdf
IMTFE 51 Docs 5326,5330 On Forced Prostitution.pdf
Comfort women J-website compilation 0051, 0053.pdf
J-docs on comfort women.pdf
Korean comfort women captured near Myitkyina, Burma (1944-08-14) photo caption

USAF 3rd ARRG 1970-72.pdf
USAF 3rd ARRG Unit Citation 1968-69.pdf
USAF 3rd ARRG Det 13 Unit Award 1970-71.pdf


NOTE: Large files have been split and re-posted, therefore the page numbers will be off. Large files, it should be remembered, are due to higher resolution, which makes for online search engines to recognize text easier, and therefore should help researchers in finding names and places.

Passenger List File 36 - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
p3~ SS John Lykes (#3003) - evac to US 1945-03-28
p21 correction to #2901
p 22 Monterey - evac to US 1945-02-23
p23~ SS Paul Chandler (#2950) - evac to US 1945-04-29
p25~ SS Sylvester Pattie (#2577) - evac to US 1945-04-29
p27~ SS Hannibal Victory (#3085) - evac to US 1945-04-29
p29~ Gutzon Borghum (#2769) - evac to US 1945-04-29
p31~ 42nd General Hospital lists
p38 SS Moordam - evac to US 1945-04-26
p39~ 5th Camp HQ and Camp Co.
p41~ Japara - evac to US 1945-04-16
p50~ Sea Corporal - evac to US 1945-04-24?
p54 SS Ringleader - evac to US 1945-04-29
p55 5th Hospital list (Dutch & British evacs from Santo Tomas; Muntinlupa)
p60~ SS Frank H. Evers - evac to US 1945-03-28
p62~ SS Klipfontein - evac to US 1945-03-24
p66~ David C. Shanks - evac to Australia 1945-03-24
p74~ USS Admiral Capps (#3068) - evac to US 1945-03-15,18
p96~ Evacs to Biak; list of nurses
p101~ Monterey - evac to Base "G" (Hollandia?) 1945-02-22,23 (POW list)
p119~ 126th Gen. Hospital; 146th Station Hospital; 745th Medical Hospital Ship; Base "K"
p123~ General Langfitte - evac to US 1945-03-07
p126~ Jean Lafitte - evac to US 1945-03-03 (Tacloban civilian list)
p140~ General A. E. Anderson - evac to US 1945-02-11

Passenger List File 87 -
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
p3~ evac by air from Santo Tomas and Bilibid 1945-02-22,23
p14 Theater Campaign award to internees
p15 Capt Moffit evac'd 1945-04-02
p16~ SS Delazon Smith - evac to US 1945-03-23
p18~ SS Carlsbad 1945-03-23
p21~ SS Pennant
p23~ SS Nordan
p37~ SS Pennant 1945-04-10
p48 Vessel 3096
p49 Vessels 3097 and 3105 (Torrens)
p50~ SS Torrens 1945-04-10
p70~ SS Cape Miers 1945-04-10
p79~ SS Morrisey 1945-04-10

Passenger List File 96 - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
p2~ SS Gen Mann - evac to US 1945-05-21
p4~ SS Monterey (#3275, Voyage 2) - evac to US 1945-05-07
p40 SS Gen Mann (#3385, Hosp. Ship) - evac to US 1945-05-21
p54~ SS General Harry F. Taylor (Vessel 3417) - evac to US 1945-03-25?
p74~ Cape Cleare 1945-07-13
p76~ SS Klipfontein (Voyage 2)
p88~ Sloterdije - evac to US 1945-07-10
p93~ General Muir (#3518)
p96~ Alcoa Patriot (#3547) - evac to US 1945-06-29
p101~ Ocola Victory (#3302?) - evac to US 1945-06-18
p103~ SS Belles of the Sea (#3388) - evac to US 1945-06-09
p106~ SS Judah P. Benjamin (#3201) - evac to US 1945-05-30
p109~ SS Wildhunter (#3344) - evac to US 1945-06-01
p112 Alcoa Polaris - evac to US 1945-05-23
p113~ Richard Mansfield (#3265) - evac to US 1945-05-27
p115~ Argonaut (#3334) - evac to US 1945-05-27
p118~ SS General M. M. Patrick (#3222) - evac to US 1945-05-22
p120~ SS General Langfitt (Voyage 2) - evac to US 1945-05-22,23
p126~ General Collins - evac to US 1945-05-14,15
p130~ SS White Lands (#3255) - evac to US 1945-05-16
p132~ SS Cape Ann (#3199) - evac to US 1945-05-17
p134~ General Hershey - evac to US 1945-05-16,17
p137~ SS Eagle Wing (#3283) - evac to US 1945-05-16
p139~ SS Gainsville Victory (#3315) - evac to US 1945-05-16
p141~ SS Fred C. Ainsworth - evac to US 1945-05-07
p147~ SS General O.? H. Ernst (#3226) - evac to US 1945-05-03
p149~ SS Cape Orange (#3218) - evac to US 1945-05-04
p152~ SS Flying Yankee (#3210) - evac to US 1945-05-04
p156~ SS Admiral E. W. Eberle - evac to US 1945-05-22 (2,414 passengers, 22 nationalities; p158 Start of passenger lists)
p255 re Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon award
p256~ Monterey - evac to US 1945-05-11

Passenger List 124 - Part 1-a Part 1-b
p2~ USAT General Brewster (cont'd)
p20~ evac from Atsugi AF 1945-09-25
p34 Empress of Australia - evac from Hong Kong
p35~ HMS Striker - evac to Australia 1945-09-27
p39~ USS Joseph Dyckman - evac to US 1945-09-23

Passenger List 124 - Part 2-a Part 2-b
p1~ HMS Halford - evac to Australia 1945-09-20
p3~ USS Gosper - evac to US 1945-09-20
p30~ USS Admiral Hugh Rodman - evac to US 1945-09-17
p56~ USS Yarmouth - evac to US? 1945-09-18
p83~ USS General W C Langfitt - evac to US? 1945-09-14

Passenger List 124A - Part1-a Part 1-b
p2~ USS Howze - evac to US 1945-09-27
p44~ USS Rescue - evac to US 1945-09-25
p55~ USS Storm King - evac to US 1945-09-25

Passenger List 124A - Part2-a Part 2-b
p1~ USS Tyron - evac to US 1945-10-06
p23~ USS Periva - 1945-10-10
p49~ Evac by air to Saipan from USAHS Marigold - 1945-09-15
p54~ SS Klip Fontaine (Klipfontaine, Klipfontein - Dutch vessel; from Manila to Holland) - evac to US 1945-10-08

Passenger List 124A - Part3-a Part 3-b
p1~ USS Admiral Hughes - 1945-09-24
p57~ Hospital Ship "Maunganui" - evac from Manila 1945-09-19
p61~ HMAS Quiberon - evac to Australia 1945-09-27
p67~ USS Bolivar - evac to US 1945-10-01?

Passenger List 124B - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
p2~ SS Panama Express - evac to Australia 1945-10-15
p4~ USS Ozark - evac to US 1945-09-08
p27~ Empress of Australia - evac to UK 1945-09-18
p62~ HMS Glory - evac to UK via Canada 1945-10-09
p96~ USS Marigold - evac to Saipan hospital 1945-09-25
p109~ USS Porter - evac to Shanghai 1945-10-13
p112~ HMS Implacable - evac to UK via USA 1945-09-25

Passenger List 124C Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
p2~ USS Admiral Hughes - evac to US 1945-11-08
p4~ USS General Pope - evac to US 1945-11-09
p7~ USS Lurline - evac to US 1945-11-02
p13~ HMS Lothian - evac to Singapore and India 1945-10-25
p27~ HMS Slinger - evac to Australia 1945-10-10
p31~ HMS Prince Robert - evac to UK via Canada 1945-09-29
p37~ USAT Calamaris - evac to Australia 1945-10-05
p40~ HMS Colossus - evac to Hong Kong 1945-10-05
p51~ USS Mexico - evac to US 1945-10-25
p58~ HMS Formidable - evac to Australia 1945-10-04
p83~ USAT General Brewster - evac to US 1945-10-18 (many civilians from Attu)

Passenger List 126 - Part 1 Part 2
p2~ USS General Collins - evac to US 1945-12-20
p5~ SS Vasna - evac to Singapore 1945-12-14
p12~ USS Brazil - evac to US 1945-12-12
p17~ unnamed vessel - evac to Makassarr 1945-12-02 (Dutch)
p31~ HMS Circassian - evac to Balikpapan 1945-12-02 (Dutch)
p67~ USS La Porte - evac to US 1945-11-25
p71~ USS Letitia - evac to US 1945-11-10 (French)
p73~ USS Pitt - evac to US 1945-11-16
p77~ HMCHS Letitia - evac to US 1945-11-11
p84~ HMS Implacable - evac to Batavia 1945-11-06 (Dutch)
p144~ USS Marine Jumper - evac to US 1945-11-04
p148~ Asst. recovered personnel; Wakayama to Manila 1945-11-01